Links 8/17/22

Links for you. Science:

New Langya virus infects 35 people in China
A vaccine for Lyme disease is in its final clinical trial
The Efficacy of Facemasks in the Prevention of COVID-19: A Systematic Review
Scuba Diving in Search for Signs of a Changing Mediterranean. Divers are tracking the northward expansion of marine life as they move in tandem with climate change’s warming waters.
Unrepresentative big surveys significantly overestimated US vaccine uptake
New group of spiders named after David Bowie and his back catalogue
Dolphin Strangers Met in the Bahamas. Things Went Swimmingly.
A strategy to assess spillover risk of bat SARS-related coronaviruses in Southeast Asia


Liz Cheney’s smug, self-satisfied con job: Don’t fall for it
A COVID-Free School? Here’s How
For essential workers who suffered through COVID, monkeypox is déjà vu all over again
Local Families Will Need To Apply For Free School Meals Again This Year
After Going Solar, I Felt the Bliss of Sudden Abundance
The brazen double standard applied to Donald Trump’s crimes
Salt in water sources becoming worrisome in D.C. region, experts warn
You Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Gotta Hand It To America Firsters
There’s no shortage of teachers. We’ve just driven them out of schools.
D.C.’s Hidden Flood Risk Is in Areas Far From Bodies of Water
Why does the IRS need $80 billion? Just look at its cafeteria.
Did Democrats Just Save Civilization?
Why I fear Indiana, not Kansas, charts the future of abortion rights in America
A ‘Classic Ward 3’ Dispute is Playing Out in Palisades, as Neighbors Battle Over Sidewalks and Street Closures
Secret Service protection would follow Donald Trump to the slammer if he ever ended up there, former agents say
Emails Raise Questions About WashPost Fact Checker
New documents from the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial have been unsealed – and things have only got uglier
The GOP Suddenly Wants to Defund Law Enforcement After Feds Raid Mar-a-Lago
They Are The Box
A Complete Breakdown of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Inflation Reduction Act
The Fed Keeps Getting More Powerful. Is It Bad for America?
Brooke Jenkins Can’t Have It Both Ways
Will anti-vaccine activism in the USA reverse global goals?
“Christian Nationalism” Used to Be Taboo. Now It’s All the Rage.

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