Links 11/25/21

Links for you. Science:

The antibiotic course has had its day
Progressive sub-MIC Exposure of Klebsiella pneumoniae 43816 to Cephalothin Induces the Evolution of beta-lactam Resistance without Acquisition of beta-lactamase Genes
The DNA of Roma People Has Long Been Misused, Scientists Reveal
Lettuce, cabbage for manatees? Feds, FWC consider feeding sea cows after 1,000 deaths
Whole Genome Sequencing Surveillance and Machine Learning of the Electronic Health Record for Enhanced Healthcare Outbreak Detection
Relationship among state reopening policies, health outcomes and economic recovery through first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.


Let’s be honest: The roast turkey was bequeathed to us by Satan (ENDORSE)
The Unvaxxed Lefties Hiding in Plain Sight They insist they’re more sophisticated than your typical anti-vaxxer. Not that they’re telling anyone. (“Fear was at the root of many arguments I heard, even if it took a while to get there… Many concerns were based on paranoid suspicions, not facts.”)
How the Democratic Child-Care Proposal Hurts Families
Hospitals are busier than ever — but not because of COVID
The Rittenhouse Verdict Shows the Ridiculousness of American Gun Laws and Self-Defense
Florida’s Republican lawmakers deliver another blow for DeSantis against the common goo
Virginia’s Lt. Gov.-Elect Likens Vaccine Status To Inquiring About One’s DNA (state-level Republicans usually aren’t good at hiding the crazy)
D.C. is changing its mask rules, but the city’s colleges are staying the course
Measles incidence is down, but the pandemic has slowed vaccination progress
Not polarization, but radicalization of the Right.
Unusual bedfellows: how gangs are pushing New Zealand’s Covid vaccination drive
A Tool Kit to Help Scientists Find the Ultimate Chickpea
Virginia’s incoming lieutenant governor questions Covid vaccines for those who’ve had the virus before (while Democrats are craven and gormless, Republicans are actively malevolent)
Big Business Declares War on Lina Khan
Getting Joe Manchin’s vote on BBB could come down to one of the weirdest situations of the century
‘This is a life changer’: Teachers and others celebrate public service student loan forgiveness
There’s only 1 real solution to partisan gerrymandering
Keeping up with the Buttigiegs
Free as F^(< : Kyle Rittenhouse, Whiteness, and a Divinely-Ordained License to Kill
Kyle Rittenhouse Was a Minor. Prosecuting Him as One May Have Been Better.
Kyle Rittenhouse Is an American
Welcome to the Age of Lawless Masculinity
It’s Good to Be a White Murderer in America
Democrats are in denial about what they’re up against

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