Holidays Plan and COVID According to the Mad Biologist

STAT has an interesting piece in which they asked 28 epidemiologists what activities they would and wouldn’t partake in during the holiday season. The possible answers were “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”, “Only If Masked”, and “N/A.” For fun (or my weird notion of it), I decided to see what my answers would be:

Work in an office unmasked: Nope (especially if it’s an open office).

Go to a movie: I’m not a big fan of movie theaters anyway, so no. What I really don’t like are places where I can’t move away from people easily.

Eat popcorn/snacks while at a movie: Double nope.

Exercise in a gym: I currently do this, but there are two big caveats. First, my gym requires proof of vaccination. Second, D.C. requires masking in gyms. Also, my gym cranks the ventilation, has high ceilings, and so on. I still don’t use the exercise bikes and other aerobic equipment, or work out near them, though.

Attend indoor concert or event without masking: If no mandatory vaccination, then no (D.C. stage theaters require this).

Attend indoor wedding/religious event without mandatory masking: If everyone isn’t tested, then no.

Travel by air, train, or bus for Thanksgiving: Nope (but I wasn’t planning on doing that anyway, so little cost for me on this one).

Host/attend multigenerational Thanksgiving meal: If everyone isn’t tested and vaccinated, then no.

Advise elderly relatives to refrain from attending multigenerational Thanksgiving meal: As above, but with extra consideration of who is attending and how many people.

If hosting Thanksgiving event, ask for rapid Covid tests: Yes.

Plan a vacation outside the U.S. this winter: The travelling through the U.S. by itself is enough to get a no.

This would change if the prevalence of COVID drops and I’m fully boostered, but right now, that’s what I would do.

(Here’s how the epidemiologists answered):

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