Links 6/4/21

Links for you. Science:

I Look for Aliens for a Living, and No, I Don’t Study UFOs
Lab leaks happen, and not just in China. We need to take them seriously. (yep)
Even fully vaccinated, people with organ transplants aren’t fully protected until more Americans get their shots
What Is Going On With Frog Teeth?
Patterns in COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage, by Social Vulnerability and Urbanicity — United States, December 14, 2020–May 1, 2021


For Many Workers, Change in Mask Policy Is a Nightmare
Biden privately called Lawrence Summers, a critic of White House agenda, to discuss economy (it makes me so happy Claudia Sahm got to say this publicly: “Larry has gone unchallenged for decades. It’s time for other people to lead. The old models are out of place…You could say Larry Summers suffers from a skills gap in the current environment.”)
A 20-Foot Sea Wall? Miami Faces the Hard Choices of Climate Change.
As D.C. Fully Reopens, What Does the Future Hold for Streateries?
Xi’s Historic Mistake
The lab-leak mess
The Anti-Bigness Ideology
One of the voices objecting to Nikole Hannah-Jones’s hiring at UNC: A newspaper baron — and major donor
And There He Is
We Asked Kyrsten Sinema’s Office for One (1) Example Where the Filibuster Created Bipartisan Comity. The Arizona Democrat’s view on the history and effects of the Senate procedural device is simply not connected to reality. (narcissists are delusional)
The Great Reset
Amid surge in violent crime, Atlanta’s wealthiest neighborhood ponders new city (I guess the plan is to secede and then arrest any Black people who enter Buckhead?)
Honest Reasons Why Women Don’t Want to Go Back to In-Person Work
Wuhan calling: how the city’s punk rock scene changed China’s youth
Prominent Chemistry Professor Declines Invitation to UNC, Cites Nikole Hannah-Jones Tenure Case
COVID-19 slowing down in Delaware, but still harming some of the unvaccinated
In Kansas City, a wave of evictions could push gun violence to new extremes this year
The progressives are right about foreign policy, too
Charlie Kirk wants to save America in the name of Republican Jesus
The fight to whitewash US history: ‘A drop of poison is all you need’
There’s a massive child-care worker shortage and the market can’t fix it

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