Links 5/31/21

Links for you. Science:

The octopus is officially having a moment. This aquarist has been in awe of them for years.
Babesiosis, a dangerous tick-borne infection that attacks red blood cells, appears to be a growing problem
How the amazing monarch butterfly migrants became refugees — from us
Scientists Find a Fossilized Ancestor of ‘Dinosaur Food’
Automated analysis of genomic sequences facilitates high-throughput and comprehensive description of bacteria


Unless the system is fundamentally democratized, we’ll soon reach the point where it will become impossible to stop America’s slide into authoritarianism through elections. (must-read)
Tensions erupt in Tulsa as city commemorates 1921 race massacre
Farewell to Masks (For Now). The value of masks is falling. But it may rise again.
‘Political buffoonery’: Cruise lines head for showdown with DeSantis over vaccine requirement ban
Why does college cost so much?
Republican Election Chief In Arizona Blasts Madness Of Vote Recount
Trump Wanted Meatpacking Plants To Run Faster. Biden Is Slowing Them Down.
Vaxxed but not relaxed: I’m stuck in my pandemic routine. As restrictions loosen up, how will I loosen up too?
Biden Omits Hyde Amendment From Budget, Keeping Promise To Defend Abortion Rights
A Day With New York’s Bird Paramedics: During migration, tens of thousands of birds crash into our skyscrapers. A few volunteer EMTs rush in to help.
‘Crunch’ Is No Cheat Code for Better Video Games
His arrest sparked the Tulsa Race Massacre. Then Dick Rowland disappeared.
Vaccine Machine Still Too Slow
Matt Furie is trying to reclaim his famous cartoon Pepe the Frog — through NFTs
117 staffers sue over Houston hospital’s vaccine mandate, saying they don’t want to be ‘guinea pigs’
Create a Jan. 6 panel, Mr. President
Dianne Morales and the Implosion of the Left in NYC’s Mayoral Race
Why Apple and Google’s Virus Alert Apps Had Limited Success
The Case for Paying All Teachers Six Figures
Obama Labor Secretary Joins Anti-Union Law Firm
Biden’s pick for patent office should defend consumers, not big business

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