Links 5/30/21

Links for you. Science:

Up to 8,700 patients died after catching Covid in English hospitals (nosocomial COVID is a problem)
New Diagnostic Tool Predicts The Risk of Alzheimer’s With Astonishing Accuracy of 90%
Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against the B.1.617.2 variant
From Its Myriad Tips
Air Pollution Takes a Toll on the Brain


Abolish the tax code’s single-parent penalty
Insurrection commission blocked by 35 of 100 senators
Oklahoma teacher says summer class canceled due to bill that bans teaching critical race theory
For the Sake of Justice: Stephen Breyer has served admirably on the Supreme Court for 27 years. Now it’s time for him to retire.
What is critical race theory, and why do Republicans want to ban it in schools?
Paygo, false consciousness and the IRS
Does Bitcoin’s Recent Crash Spell the Beginning of the End for Cryptocurrencies?
D.C.’s fatal overdose numbers are up, but a longtime treatment center might soon close (worth it’s weight in gold, D.C. Spend the damn money)
Alvin Bragg Is the Right Choice to Be Manhattan’s District Attorney
It was already tough to fight disinformation. Then UFO news came along.
Housing Alone Won’t Solve California’s Homelessness Problem
The Endless Trap of American Parole. How can anyone rebuild their lives when they keep getting sent back to jail for the pettiest of reasons?
The Other Epidemic Killing Americans: People are dying at record rates from opioid overdoses, and harm reduction advocates are asking the Biden administration to overhaul how it deals with the crisis.
Why restaurant workers are demanding better wages and working conditions
The Low-Information Mayor? In the NYC mayoral race, Andrew Yang is aiming to run a city he doesn’t understand. (regardless of what one thinks about universal basic income, Yang is a scammmer)
The devastation of the Tulsa Race Massacre
The GOP Can’t Be Saved—and Neither Can Paul Ryan. Ryan has become the latest Republican to urge his party to relinquish Trumpism and return to its principled past. The problem is, that past doesn’t exist.
Bowser launches review of troubled D.C. crime lab, will outsource work during assessment
The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre And What Survivors And Descendants Are Owed
Texas Republicans finalize bill that would enact stiff new voting restrictions and make it easier to overturn election results
The Insurrection Isn’t Over. The Republican Party is increasingly in thrall to the myth that propelled the insurrection. What next?

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