Links 5/29/21

Links for you. Science:

Trends in Prescribing of Antibiotics and Drugs Investigated for COVID-19 Treatment in U.S. Nursing Home Residents During the COVID-19 Pandemic
How Inevitable Is the Concept of Numbers?
Immunity to the Coronavirus May Persist for Years, Scientists Find
As Covid dissipates in the U.S., cold and flu viruses may return with a vengeance
Greenland’s Melting Glaciers Are Polluting Coasts With Shocking Amounts of Mercury


Vote For Us – We Promise To Work With The Very Fine People You Don’t Vote For
How can DC fix its rental market post-pandemic? A strike force had some ideas.
We’re asking the wrong questions about UFOs
The Banality of Democratic Collapse
Sickness in Health
The Strange Anti-Semitism of the Pro-Jewish Right: Marjorie Taylor-Greene loves the Jews to death.
‘2 If By Sea’: Oath Keepers Messages Shed New Light on Alleged Plot to Storm D.C. With Guns by Way of Potomac
Can Democrats avoid the pitfalls of 2020? A new analysis offers striking answers.
The flailing Washington Post gets a new leader, with no time to lose
We Need To Get Real About How the Pandemic Will End
How populism could help Democrats blunt the GOP in midterms
Japan’s ‘izakaya’ pubs buckle under COVID alcohol prohibition
Florida man: “How quickly can I blow it all on pussy?”
The Big Taunt Party
The U.S. Military Has a White Supremacy Problem. What is the Biden administration going to do about it?
As pandemic spread pain and panic, congressman chased profit
Bowser Officials Push Back On Proposals To Shrink MPD And Remove Officers From Schools
How Andrew Yang Won Over Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn. A slew of influential Jewish leaders endorsed Mr. Yang, motivated by one overriding issue: “Yeshivas, yeshivas, yeshivas.”
Meet the local woman who set off a #MeToo movement in the beer industry
“Rich People Gonna Rich People”: People Say Their Wealthy Friends Disappointed Them During The Pandemic

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