Links 5/28/21

Links for you. Science:

A global metagenomic map of urban microbiomes and antimicrobial resistance
The Farmer Trying to Save Italy’s Ancient Olive Trees
The 1,000-Year Secret That Made Betta Fish Beautiful
What scientists know about new, fast-spreading coronavirus variants
The complete sequence of a human genome


How the AP wronged Emily Wilder
An Elementary School Teacher’s Secret Life As A White Nationalist Writer
Democrats are falling for Republicans’ fake negotiations again. The GOP will never support a significant infrastructure package (“They can either figure out internally (and quickly) what they want to do and pass that on a party-line vote, or they can do nothing and effectively collaborate with the Republican plot to topple Biden and set up one-party rule.”)
Shuttered hospitals, soaring Covid-19 deaths: Rural Black communities lose a lifeline in the century’s worst health crisis
China Is Building Two Secret Nuclear Reactors. Scientists Are Worried.
Memo to Biden’s DOJ: Time to open the books on the Trump-Russia scandal
Emily Wilder’s firing is a story of bad faith, not bad tweets. Newsrooms must do better.
Charles Cassell, architect and early advocate of D.C. statehood, dies at 96
Senator Professor Warren Took Jamie Dimon to the Woodshed
I Thought Not Speaking Chinese Made Me a Bad Asian American. It Doesn’t. (similar process happened with Jews and Yiddish)
Why conservatives really fear critical race theory
Mapquest’s DC Map Is Riddled With Strange Anachronisms, and We Are Losing Our Minds (though Carrollsburg was in use in the 1970s, and Swampdoodle is just a variant of Swampoodle)
In defense of the two-state solution. Some are declaring the two-state paradigm for Israel and Palestine totally doomed. But it’s not — and it’s still worth fighting for.
A Recruiter Dishes on Why Restaurants Really Can’t Find Enough Staff
Investigating Oversight: Why congressional hearings are bad, and how they can be made great again
Woman Protests COVID-19 Vaccine By Speeding Car Through Vaccination Site
Joe Manchin Should Check in With 2011 Joe Manchin. The second guy backed filibuster reform. So should the first guy.
Did John Adams Out Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings?
The Party of White Grievance Has Never Cared About Democracy
Then She Asked Me About Benghazi. I went to Harpers Ferry seeking escape, and discovered how far our shared reality has fractured.
Four Black men developed a Montgomery County suburb to provide a better life for some in their community. They received something very different in return.

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