The Sum of All Inchoate Feelings: The Voting Suppression Edition

While much of the impetus behind the wave of Republican voter suppression bills is pure political cynicism, we shouldn’t neglect the role inchoate feelings play either (boldface mine):

Republicans, when pressed for details on any reported fraud that would prompt the need for the bill, often demurred.

I don’t know, but I’m sure it was going on,” Mr. Ingoglia responded to a question on the House floor about any reported instances of illegal ballot collection. “Just the fact that they weren’t caught doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not happening.”

Are some of these assholes cynical liars? Sure, but like their rank-and-file, many of them simply can’t comprehend that Joe Biden and the Democrats (horrible band name!) kicked their asses. Losing the election was inconceivable to them:

Many Republican voters scoff at those results, convinced Trump was cheated. Raymond Fontaine, a hardware store owner in Oakville, Connecticut, said Biden’s vote total – the highest of any presidential candidate in history – makes no sense because the 78-year-old Democrat made relatively few campaign appearances and seemed to be in mental decline.

“You are going to tell me 77 million Americans voted for him? There is just no way,” said Fontaine, 50.

More like 81 million akshually, but why rub it in? They couldn’t accept–and still can’t–that Trump could lose, that so many Americans–even White ones!–despise him (despite Trump never having net positive popularity ratings). If you can’t accept that, then the fix must be in, and cheating must have happened.

Well, as some of these same voters said circa 2016, fuck their feelings. I realize Democratic elected officials really can’t say something like “You lost. Get over it and yourselves, snowflakes“, but the rest of us can. They lost, fair and square, and they need to grow the fuck up and accept that.

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  1. danizoey – Hartford suburbs – recovery coach and health advocate, former- telephone operator, secretary, autoworker, prevention educator, case manager, seminary dropout, auctioneer, bootlegger's granddaughter, - always opinionated, struggling to act justly, to love mercy and to walk both humbly & proudly.
    danizoey says:

    never saw anyone from my hometown quoted before! too bad this is it! 10,000 people, 96%white, average salary $24,000 just over poverty, in my day had huge “pin” shop- fabrication factory-closed decades-

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