Links 1/30/21

Links for you. Science:

NERVTAG note on B.1.1.7 severity
These Snakes Found a New Way to Slither. The novel technique is great news for Guam’s brown tree snakes, bad news for the island’s nesting birds.
COVseq is a cost-effective workflow for mass-scale SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance
Genes Influencing Phage Host Range in Staphylococcus aureus on a Species-Wide Scale
Can We Stop a Super Coronavirus? The new variants of the coronavirus are even more dangerous than those known so far. Researchers and politicians fear a sharp increase in the number of infections, with dramatic consequences like those seen in Britain. Can Germany still stop the new killers?


The Capitol Rioters Must Face Consequences: The long-standing normalization of right-wing violence demands that accountability for their crimes be a national priority.
How U.S. CDC missed chances to spot COVID’s silent spread
Biden Inherits a Vaccine Supply Unlikely to Grow Before April
Shit Happened
Streamlining the Streaming Regime
If there were any Jews still wondering which party is on their side, Jan. 6 answered the question
The Nature of Money: Calculating a poor person’s wealth is a science. For a rich person, it’s an incredibly abstract art.
Twitter and Facebook Just Proved That Deplatforming Works
Biden Gave Trump’s Union Busters a Taste of Their Own Medicine
James Harden and the Death of Heliocentrism
Katie Porter Is a Politician Progressives Should Fight For
What Reconstruction teaches us about white nationalism today
How Does Someone Like Lauren Boebert Get Elected?
How Biden’s executive order could reduce hunger today — and long after the pandemic is over
John Roberts shouldn’t preside over impeachment trial. Nor should Kamala Harris. Under existing rules, it isn’t necessary to conduct an impeachment trial before the full Senate.
Trump will get his portrait. It’s our duty not to forget how his presidency really looked.
We’ll Be Stuck With Trump’s Postmaster General for a While
My wife guarded the Capitol. My mom joined the horde surrounding it.
Destroyer of Worlds
Racism carved away a piece of Hank Aaron’s heart. What remained was still a gift.
The Game-Changing Biden Order You Haven’t Heard About: A directive about the regulatory process could lead to progressive movement on climate change, public health and worker safety.

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