Links 11/28/20

Links for you. Science:

The “false-positive PCR” problem is not a problem
Social Media and the New World of Scientific Communication During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Trump administration removes head of federal climate program that oversees key reports
The world’s largest wetlands are on fire. That’s a disaster for all of us
Naturally occurring indels in multiple coronavirus spikes


Just A Little Worse
I will never get to go to Hong Kong: The story of the time I went to Hong Kong
Comcast Expands Costly and Pointless Broadband Caps During a Pandemic
Covid Combat Fatigue: ‘I Would Come Home With Tears in My Eyes’
Who’s in Charge of the Democratic Party? That’s actually a surprisingly difficult question to answer. We must have more accountability and transparency if the party is to live up to its name.
Kelly Loeffler marketed derivatives during Great Recession at world’s most notorious tax haven
Public apathy frustrates COVID-19 contact tracers: ‘We know people are lying to us’
Union Power After the Election: The development of a social democratic faction in the Democratic Party has given labor a chance to punch above its weight. But access alone isn’t power.
‘Kraken’ attorney has message for Trump fans: Make checks payable to Sidney Powell
Mostly Spared This Year
President gets mocked on Twitter, demands law be changed immediately to stop this threat to national insecurity
Economics Not Culture Wars Drove Most Trump Voters (inaccurate title, good discussion)
Patients of a Vermont Hospital Are Left ‘in the Dark’ After a Cyberattack
It Wasn’t Ideology That Sank House Democrats. It Was Bad Strategy.
All Out Of Ideas
The Native People of This Country Helped to Rescue America From Its Worst Instincts
Why did Democrats bleed House seats? A top analyst offers surprising answers. (made this point a while ago)
Inside the outbreak: How COVID-19 hit Lamar Jackson and the Ravens
Supreme Court’s scientifically illiterate decision will cost lives
Pacific Northwest needs 4 new cities on undeveloped land, report says (“Unless existing cities like Seattle are willing to bulldoze 40% of their single family homes, those cities won’t grow dense enough to fit all the people coming to the area in the next few decades.” But… you could do that)
Why There Are Suddenly Not Enough COVID Tests. It’s not just the Thanksgiving rush.

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4 Responses to Links 11/28/20

  1. Supreme Court’s scientifically illiterate decision will cost lives

    “Our religious faiths are the great teachers of the supreme value of human life…”

    Citation needed.
    Sachs was doing fine up until the summary paragraph. Then he veers from objective fact in an attempt to suck up to the religious.

  2. adameran
    adameran says:

    This is consistent. See this for the congressional precedent:

  3. Bern says:

    Re: Trump v. Twitter:

    The Donald, defeated, shall never be retweeted!

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