Links 10/28/20

Links for you. Science:

If One Part of Life on This Planet Is Sick, Soon Enough It All Will Be. Another parable on the interconnectedness of it all is brought to us by cheatgrass.
Face Masks, Public Policies and Slowing the Spread of COVID-19: Evidence from Canada
How an Algorithm Blocked Kidney Transplants to Black Patients
The true dangers of AI are closer than we think
Ventilation and air filtration play a key role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 indoors


Sources: Gina Raimondo Being Considered as Biden’s Treasury Secretary (lordy, no)
Still Dyin’
Tom Cotton’s Bottomless Ambition Is Forcing the Rest of Us to Contemplate the Year 2024
There’s no more doubt: Democrats have to expand the Supreme Court
Don’t Let the Court Choose Its Cases
Amy Coney Barrett’s Judicial Philosophy Doesn’t Hold Up to Scrutiny
Do Not Put Your Ballot in the Mail. Do Prepare to March. Members of the right-wing majority on the Supreme Court have announced their intent to throw out ballots any way they can. Deliver yours in person or vote early. And get ready to protest.
‘Rent erosion’ hits DC’s apartment market
Big Tech Comes for Podcasts: Silicon Valley could wreck audio journalism—unless Washington acts first.
Prince George’s Family Stuck With Box of Misdelivered Coronavirus Test Specimens
D.C. says 190,000 have activated new coronavirus contact-tracing tool
D.C. Residents in Federal Prisons Can Vote This Year, But Hurdles to Casting Ballots Remain
Trump is right: He can’t contain the virus. But a better president could.
Suburban women have had their lives upended by Covid-19. They blame Trump.
One Last Funny Feeling About 2020
This how the 1% look at minorities. I was a classmate of Kushner: let me tell you what I did to get into Harvard compared to what he did.
Journalistic Sanity Asserted Itself Just in Time at the Wall Street Journal
Mass exodus at health department could make COVID-19 winter even worse
Trump’s Executive Order on Federal Employees Would Be a Win for the Swamp
Republicans Do Not Expect Trump To Lose. That’s a Problem.

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