Links 6/30/20

Links for you. Science:

White House ordered NIH to cancel coronavirus research funding, Fauci says. The research was the target of a conspiracy theory about the origin of the new coronavirus.
Microwave-Generated Steam Decontamination of N95 Respirators Utilizing Universally Accessible Materials
Phylogenetic background and habitat drive the genetic diversification of Escherichia coli
‘Has it peaked? I don’t know.’ NIH official details foreign influence probe
COVID-19 case timeline.


Mary Trump once stood up to her uncle Donald. Now her book describes a ‘nightmare’ of family dysfunction. (the women in the family seem much smarter than the men…)
Before face masks, Americans went to war against seat belts
November Election: Don’t Count Out Trump Yet
I’m a Health Care Worker. You Need to Know How Close We Are to Breaking.
Racist facial recognition technology leads to arrest of innocent Black man
This Is Just Low-Energy Lying From President Lobster King
Nadler mulling impeaching Barr as he lets one more deadline for holding Barr accountable slide
Tom Cotton Is Nuttier Than a Bag of Squirrels
When The Only Tool You Have Is A Cop (“The levels of income and status that it takes to be immune from abuses, whether from the cable company, your health insurance company, your bank, or the cops, that have been standard for some forever, keep rising. “)
Mitch McConnell’s Senate Is No Longer an Institution Dedicated to Public Service
Black Lives Matter Protests Are Everywhere, Even in the Unlikeliest Places
Locked in a brutal pugilistic battle, the tension so high it’ll make your hares stand on end.
Letting Go of Robert E. Lee at Washington and Lee University
The Politicians Are Not Entirely to Blame For America’s Pandemic Failure
Racist IOC President Avery Brundage Loses His Place of Honor
Chris Hayes calls for Donald Trump’s resignation over COVID failure (resignation is the compromise position, he and his cabinet deserve ritual self-disembowelment on the White House lawn)
Michael Hudson on Coronavirus and Debt Winners and Losers
Tom Brady AGAIN defies coronavirus rules to work out with teammates… and posts FDR quote about not ‘fearing’ COVID (when COVID-19 is rare, it’s easy to survive your own stupidity, until it’s no longer rare)
The Pandemic Shows the Importance of Funding Early Childcare and Education Infrastructure (yes, it does)
The future of the coronavirus recovery runs through the classroom. Nobody knows what school will look like in the fall, and that’s a huge problem for everything from the economy to November’s elections. (see above)

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  1. Chris Hayes calls for Donald Trump’s resignation over COVID failure

    There is nothing in the constitution that would prevent a president from being impeached more than once.

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