Links 6/29/20

Links for you. Science:

How the Virus Won: Invisible outbreaks sprang up everywhere. The United States ignored the warning signs. We analyzed travel patterns, hidden infections and genetic data to show how the epidemic spun out of control.
What To Look For In A Face Mask, According To Science
COVID-19 Outbreak Among College Students After a Spring Break Trip to Mexico — Austin, Texas, March 26–April 5, 2020
Why the World’s Most Advanced Solar Plants Are Failing
Initial COVID-19 infection rate may be 80 times greater than originally reported (paper here)


The CDC Lost Control Of The Coronavirus Pandemic. Then The Agency Disappeared. (excellent)
The Case Against D.C. Statehood Hasn’t Changed Since Marion Barry. It’s always been racist, partisan, and nonsensical. (excellent as well)
This is the best American policy in 50 years
John Bolton Is a Terrorist in Pinstripes: Hard as it is to believe, there are even crazier people in the federal government than President Donald Trump.
The Dudes Who Won’t Wear Masks. Face coverings are a powerful tool, but health authorities can’t simply ignore the reasons some people refuse to use them.
North Texas family shaken after 18 relatives test positive for COVID-19 following surprise birthday party
Goldman’s Local Barber Trims Shaggy Bankers Once Again
Virginia Sues the Arlington Towing Company Britt McHenry Made Famous
Shortage of vials may slow COVID-19 vaccine rollout
Flashy primary fights aren’t what get parties to change. Churn is.
Surveys suggest protests, not pandemic, have lost Trump white evangelical support
“It’s ideologue meets grifter”: How Bill Barr made Trumpism possible
The world is putting America in quarantine
Bowser’s budget cuts funding for affordable housing. Advocates say DC’s Black residents will be left behind
Newspaper Woes Intensify in Covid-19 Era: Widespread Job and Pay Cuts as Ad Revenues Fall
It’s Past Time for Dan Snyder to Change the Name
Pandemic-Emptied Hotels Could Become Affordable Housing, City Officials Suggest
Every Little Thing
There Is No Plan. There Is No Second-Term Agenda.
Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says (but Putin is his fren!)
On Facebook, she denounced a Starbucks worker who asked her to wear a mask. It backfired: He received over $28,000 in tips.

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  1. John Kane says:

    Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says

    This is even stupider than the NYT’s stories of Iraq’s Weapons of mass distruction

  2. @John Kane. I think you meant to write “Weapons of mass distraction.”

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