Links 5/30/20

Links for you. Science:

Are We Ready? How We Are Preparing – And Not Preparing – Kids For Climate Change
There May Be a Unique Coronavirus Immune Response
Covid-19 Patients Not Infectious After 11 Days: Singapore Study
More COVID-19 research needed to guide decision making for reopening US schools
When Coral’s Colorful Show Is a Sign That It’s Sick


The unluckiest generation in U.S. history
State Rep. Goes on Profanity-Laced Tirade After GOP Colleague Hid Positive COVID-19 Test
Want to avoid another #GeorgeFloyd? Start by defunding the Minneapolis police, organizers say
Joe Biden has a chance to make history on climate change: All he has to do is embrace the consensus that’s waiting for him.
The Vintage Beauty Of Soviet Control Rooms
As Covid-19 tears through Navajo Nation, young people step up to protect their elders
It’s Official: 100,000 Are Dead of Covid-19 in America, and Their Blood Is on Trump’s Hands
Americans Aren’t Getting the Advice They Need. As people start reopening their lives, they’re hearing little practical guidance about the dilemmas they encounter.
White House and CDC remove coronavirus warnings about choirs in faith guidance
Bad state data hides coronavirus threat as Trump pushes reopening
With reopening comes the threat of a second wave of COVID-19, scientists warn. Epidemiologists say not to get too comfortable with the new normal: Another wave could also mean a second lockdown.
The Psychopath in Chief: I spent hundreds of hours with Donald Trump to ghost-write ‘The Art of the Deal.’ I now see a deeper meaning behind his behavior.
It’s Nice to Spend Some Time Outside Trump’s Reverse-Truman Show
NYC Bus Drivers Union Refuses to Transport Protesters for the NYPD
I’m an expert on the Iranian protest movement in 2009-2010. Followed every minute. I’m an expert on Arab Spring. This feels like that. This one is different.
Kelly Loeffler’s Story Reeks of Corruption, Privilege, and Other Hallmarks of Modern Republican Governance
Policing and the English Language: The poisonous contradictions of coptalk
This CNN Crew’s Arrest in Minneapolis Is More Than a Mistake
No Bad Conservative Idea Ever Dies
Testing Is Key to Beating Coronavirus, Right? Japan Has Other Ideas. The country has reported fewer deaths than other major nations and ended a state of emergency even while maintaining a low testing rate. (but they are doing adequate contact testing and tracing)
Accelerationism: the obscure idea inspiring white supremacist killers around the world
Far-Right Extremists Are Hoping to Turn the George Floyd Protests Into a New Civil War
Proportionate Response: When destroying a police precinct is a reasonable reaction
Biden Calls Trump A ‘Falsely Masculine’ Fool For Mocking Protective Face Masks

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