Links 3/23/20

Links for you. Science:

An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus COVID-19 (not an endorsement)
People who fully recover from the coronavirus can be left with ’20 to 30%’ less lung function, and gasping for breath when they walk quickly, Hong Kong doctors find
Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”
Coronavirus: Chloroquine yields positive data in Covid-19 trial
From Containment to Mitigation of COVID-19 in the US


Trump is frantically rewriting his epic failures. Don’t let him. (narcissists gonna narcissist)
Not All Federal Workers Are On Telework, And They’re Increasingly Frustrated (the treatment of the federal workforce has been very stupid and inconsistent)
‘It shouldn’t take a pandemic’: Coronavirus exposes Internet inequality among U.S. students as schools close their doors
The Wing Is a Women’s Utopia. Unless You Work There.
The Cruise Industry Pressured Caribbean Islands to Allow Tourists Onto Their Shores Despite Coronavirus Concerns
Life or Death?: The Stark Differences Between Sanders and Biden on Puerto Rico
Bernie Sanders calls for monthly $2,000 payment to every US household during coronavirus crisis
An Emergency Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (Sanders’ plan)
We Were Warned: When the inevitable inquiry into the government’s response to COVID-19 happens, it will conclude that signs of a coming crisis were everywhere.
Federal personnel chief quits abruptly amid coronavirus planning for the workforce of 2.1 million (how the federal government has treated the workforce during this outbreak has been…weird)
There Aren’t Enough Ventilators to Cope With the Coronavirus
It’s Time to Nationalize the Airlines: America’s most consumer-abusing and environment-degrading industry wants us to bail it out. Instead, we should take it over.
America is going into an economic coma. Here’s how we (eventually) wake up from it.
Why We Still Need To Test Widely For Coronavirus
Trump sees the coronavirus as a threat to his self-interest – not to people
Local News Outlets Face Existential Threat Amid Coronavirus-Related Drop In Revenue
The Post-Trump Phase of the Post-Truth Era Could Be Starting Soon
About A Third Of Washington Residents Rent Their Homes. Should They Get Special Protections During A Health Crisis? (yes)
Drug Companies Will Make a Killing From Coronavirus
Waters Announces Committee Plan for Comprehensive Fiscal Stimulus and Public Policy Response to Coronavirus Pandemic
There is no new Trump

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