The Two Types of Scandals

Now that the Democratic primary has settled into a choice between Biden and Sanders, it’s worth thinking about how Republicans are going to attack them. Keep in mind, Republicans are trying to depress Democratic turnout, mostly by discouraging infrequent but likely Democratic voters from voting. In that light, it’s worth realizing their are two types of nontroversies, ‘scandals’, or whatever you want to call them. The first riles up their base, and convinces Republican-leaning fence sitters to show up. The second type attacks Democrats from the left (construed somewhat broadly) and is designed to discourage and demoralize likely Democratic voters.

Examples of the first type might be attacks over Sanders’ trip to Russia or that Medicare for All is socialism (there are arguments that can be made against Medicare for All, but socialism is a nontroversy given the popularity of the general idea). Examples of the second type are reminding voters of Biden’s record on social security, his support of trade deals, or his unwillingness to overturn the Hyde Amendment until around 2019.

Remember the attacks from the left aren’t designed to convince conservatives, but to demoralize Democrats. Something to consider for the rest of the primary season.

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  1. Joe Shelby says:

    One anti-Biden ‘scandal’ is, because of Biden’s age and his history with really REALLY old Democrats (ones who were Southern Dixiecrats but actually grew up instead of switching to the Republicans as the Southern Strategy gained hold), to show his association with former Klan members like the photo from 2008 with him and WV’s Robert Byrd (which is then magnified in importance because the caption lies and claims Byrd was some grand wizard or something, which he wasn’t). Byrd is on record as openly saying he regrets his association with that group, and generally the community has accepted it…

    …but you’d never know that because of the image’s deceptive captioning.

    Byrd’s certainly got a mixed history on civil rights, but he’s gone now.

    I’d be looking out and have the “Snopes” links at the ready as other photos of Biden with old-school Democrats (and ex-Democrats) come to the fore.

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