Links 2/20/20

Links for you. Science:

Spatially Explicit Modeling of 2019-nCoV Epidemic Trend based on Mobile Phone Data in Mainland China
The effect of travel restrictions on the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak
Why we can’t cure cancer with a moonshot
Journals retract three papers by Hans Eysenck, flag 18, some 60 years old
Eat sea urchins to save the oceans


The Price of a Bloomberg Nomination Is Too Damn High
Hey Democrats, it’s okay to vote for Bernie Sanders
Safe and Affordable Housing: Elizabeth’s housing plan will lower rents by 10%, help close the racial wealth gap, and create 1.5 million new jobs. Add your name if you agree: Every American deserves a safe and affordable place to live.
Bloomberg Once Said Taking From the Rich Was a Bigger Problem Than Income Inequality
DC’s bike lane plan reflects political calculations and exploitation
Bernie Sanders isn’t a radical — he’s a pragmatist who fights to un-rig the system
Michael Bloomberg’s Polite Authoritarianism
Bill de Blasio Plans to Endorse Bernie Sanders (don’t know how much this moves the needle…)
The dictatorship is here (Kenneth Thomas is one of the most level-headed commentators out there)
Michael Bloomberg Defended Fingerprinting Food-Stamp Recipients in 2018 Interview
Bloomberg the Authoritarian Oligarch (even conservatives get this)
The media keep falling in love — with anybody but Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders Has an MSNBC Problem
Liberals need to stop pretending the president has no power
Ruth Bader Ginsburg probably just dealt a fatal blow to the Equal Rights Amendment (Notorious something something)
What Redlining Had to Do With the 2008 Financial Crisis
Why Would A Union Oppose Medicare For All?
The Dismal Kingdom
Trump Isn’t Waging a War on Poverty. He’s Waging a War on Poor People.
There’s a huge row over reclining your airline seat. Is capitalism to blame?
Who’s Profiting From Your Outrageous Medical Bills? The same people who should be fixing them.

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    Foreign Affairs is screwing us rotten (paywall).

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