Links 2/17/20

Links for you. Science:

On grant funding lotteries.
A Smithsonian team discovered a new coronavirus. The story behind that effort shows what it takes to get ahead of potential pandemics
What happens next in the coronavirus outbreak? We mapped 8 scenarios.
Colombian university fires prominent biologist accused of sexual harassment
What Bacterial Cultures Reveal About Ours: Dairying is one of the great puzzles of history. An archaeologist set out to unravel it and, in the process, discovered Mongolia’s hidden wealth of endangered microbes.


Bill Kristol Has No Legitimate Role in Selecting a Democratic Nominee
Lower Income Towns in New Hampshire Voted Heavily for Sanders; Richer Towns Did the Opposite

Bernie Sanders wades into a local education issue, criticizes D.C. decision to close school (as someone who has no voting representation in Congress, I appreciate this)
The United States Has a Deadbeat Leader, So We Won’t Be Paying Our Debts
Our Brand Is Incompetence
Coronavirus and Concentration: Should the FDA Have Anti-Monopoly Authority?
Metro Transit Police held a competition to encourage arrests and other enforcement
House Democrats ask Secret Service for details about its payments to Trump’s company
The State of Georgia Is in Play
The Slow-Boil Revolt
Bernie Sanders Has Already Won
We Once Fought Jihadists. Now We Battle White Supremacists.
Is the CIA’s Director Going Full MAGA?
Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Lost Notebook
The Notorious Michael R. Bloomberg
End the GOP: In order to save our democracy, we must not merely defeat the Republican Party.
And Then Disappears
The Kids Like Bernie. Maybe Everyone Else Should Listen.
If Trump Is Allowed to Turn the Justice Department Into a Political Weapon, No One Is Safe
The Secret History of Page Six

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