Links 2/1/20

Links for you. Science:

‘This Is Huge’: Locust Swarms In Africa Are Worst In Decades
The intellectual explosion that didn’t happen
Containing new coronavirus may not be feasible, experts say, as they warn of possible sustained global spread
Many in China Wear Them, but Do Masks Block Coronavirus?
Are GWAS studies of IQ/educational attainment problematic?


Open House. Welcome to New York; Now go home (wonderful writing)
James Mitchell Is Our Own American Monster
Under Legal Threats, The Guardian Killed My Investigation into SEIU Sexual Misconduct Cover-Ups
A car-free future? How UK cities are moving towards a pedestrian age
And the war criminal runs wild
West Virginia’s governor to Virginia counties: Leave your blue state and join West Virginia
Yes, Gov. Cuomo, Car Helmets Could Save Lives (we should also shut down major highways after accidents)
Practice Fusion, once backed by top VCs, pushed doctors to prescribe opioids in kickback scheme
10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The U.S. Capitol
How to delete what Facebook knows about your life outside of Facebook
I thought Bernie’s Iowa numbers seemed unrealistically high. Then I saw his rallies (pretty sure Cullen endorsed Warren, not Sanders)
Charles Murray Is Never Going Away: The author of “The Bell Curve” has a new book about race and genetics—because of course he does. (Murray made his bones by being unable to interpret a two-way ANOVA)
Why Private Equity Keeps Wrecking Retail Chains Like Fairway
The Senate has a chance to take back power Congress gave up long ago
Amy Klobuchar helped jail teen for life, but case was flawed (KLOBUCHARGE!)
Facebook’s New Privacy Tool Is a Data Landfill
South Carolina Democrats Sure Sound Open to Medicare for All (Sanders is a New Dealer & the New Deal has a strong constituency in the Democratic Party)
Anti-Semitic Attitudes in the U.S.: A Guide to ADL’s Latest Poll
While pushing unsafe anti-abortion laws, Ohio’s forced-birthers say they only want women’s safety
Trump’s Plan for the Middle East Has Nothing to Do With Peace
Extremely Online and Incredibly Exposed: Newsrooms still aren’t ready for the trolls.

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