War and Predictions

With Il Trumpe et alia engaging in an act of war against Iran (no, this isn’t ‘spiraling towards war’–it is war), there will be a lot of punditry and other opinion mongering. The only good thing about not casting out those who got Iraq wrong to the hinterlands is that many of the people who will be offering opinions have track records–bad ones, by the way.

Don’t listen to them. They were wrong then, and they’re not worth listening to now. Despite all of the revisionism, it wasn’t hard to see that the occupation of Iraq was going to be a clusterfuck, not a cakewalk–and they either didn’t listen or just didn’t care (or both). So find the people who got it right, and listen to them.

Unfortunately, it appears, despite the Trump Administration’s willingness to lie about, well, everything, our pundits and political press corps hasn’t learned a damn thing, so it’s up to us to be the filter.

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  1. Bill Eidman says:

    I as so disappointed in the in the people of our United States especially Trumps Mushrooms, since his election he has fired or caused the retirement of anyone whom did not follow his erratic belief ,
    He has continually tried to destroy any of retired President Obama’s progress instead of improving on it. We now have several program deleted and no replacement. He does not believe in compromise which is really the reality of life. He has chosen Mike Pompeo as his secretary, whom has an even bleaker opinion of life. They have decided that they know whats best for the world and no one is going to change their mind.

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