Links 1/2/2020

Links for you. Science:

5G Is Going To Screw Up Weather Forecasts, Meteorologists Warn
Scientists Have Officially Found a Mineral Never Before Seen in Nature
Why isn’t there a vaccine for staph?
On land, Australia’s rising heat is ‘apocalyptic.’ In the ocean, it’s worse.
CDC: 1,800 Deaths Already From Influenza, How Does The Flu Kill?


‘No blondes allowed’: 50 years after a junior high experiment, students say it had ‘a big impact’
Did a Federal Ethics Loophole Worsen the Vaping Crisis? (this happened entirely during the Obama administration)
Opioids, pot and criminal justice reform helped undermine this decade’s War on Drugs
Homeless in Wilmington say library bag ban targets them
Sports Teams Should Be Owned by the Public
The ruthless Russian hacking unit that tried to crash Ukraine
William Greider, journalist who covered political and economic policy, dies at 83
The decade in dining (the list of Boston mainstays that died is staggering)
Pete Buttigieg wants to decriminalize possession of ALL drugs as he says the harsh criminal justice system has worsened what is a ‘public health problem’
A Whiff of Tear Gas
Some Virginia Democrats want to hit the brakes on nonpartisan redistricting plan
Bill Greider and Secular Stagnation
Ivanka Trump Is a Senior Adviser to the President. She Should Be Asked Tough Questions.
Ivanka Trump’s family values
In the last month of Economist/YouGov polls, voters who dislike both Biden & Trump pick Biden by a 60 point margin. (holds for other Democratic leaders too)
The telling conservative backlash to a Virginia zoning reform proposal
It’s Tough To Make Predictions, Especially About The Future
Our Year of Trumpschmerz
My 2020 Existential Dread
The Ultra-Wealthy Who Argue That They Should Be Paying Higher Taxes
William Greider – in memoriam – (1936 – 2019)

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