Links 12/21/19

Links for you. Science:

A Major but Little-Known Supporter of Climate Denial: Freight Railroads
Eastern States Introduce a Plan to Cap Tailpipe Pollution
Tombs at Ancient Greek Site Were Gold-Lined Chambers
How McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health
Scientists discover dogs can do math, too


Bernie Sanders: Deficit hawks once again show their hypocrisy on military spending
My Plan to Fight Global Financial Corruption (Warren)
Court Orders F.B.I. to Fix National Security Wiretaps After Damning Report
On impeachment, Democrats are damned if they do, damned if they don’t
D.C.’s Plans To Sell Recreational Weed Are Up In Smoke Thanks To New Spending Bill (statehood isn’t just about the Senate seats)
Many Renters Who Face Eviction Owe Less Than $600
The infinity war: We say we’re a peaceful nation. Why do our leaders always keep us at war?
Trump’s Impeachment Letter Gets Constitution Wildly Wrong
Trump’s Plan to Criminalize Homelessness Is Taking Shape (this is what happens when Democrats don’t govern)
Denying, ignoring and making up facts are the real Trump-era obstacles to common ground
Mortgage Rates Below 1% Put Europe on Alert for Housing Bubble
An explosion of rage and lies reminds us why Trump will be impeached
Corbyn’s Biggest Failure
New Report From Bernie Sanders Details Declining Living Standards for Millennials
India Adopts the Tactic of Authoritarians: Shutting Down the Internet
Half of active-duty service members are unhappy with Trump, new Military Times poll shows
Democrats are sleepwalking into a Biden disaster
Majority of voters support free college, eliminating student debt
Trump Writes Insane Letter to Pelosi Showing Why He’s Unfit For Office
‘It comes down to pure greed’: Insulin prices double, causing many people with diabetes to turn to extremes
RIP, Paul Volcker: The Fed Chair Who Thought We Lived Too Well

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