Links 12/15/19

Links for you. Science:

Alaska Cod Fishery Closes And Industry Braces For Ripple Effect
Here’s why many CRISPR/Cas9 experiments could be wrong – and how to fix them
Since the 1890s, D.C.-area women who love science have been meeting monthly
A 6,000-year-old fruit fly gave the world modern cheeses and yogurts
Tread Lightly Interpreting Polygenic Tests of Selection


What McKinsey really suggests about Pete Buttigieg
Former judges claim unequal pay, retaliation during Deval Patrick’s tenure
The Man Who Stopped Obama From Filling Many Judicial Vacancies in Exchange For Nothing
Former Washington Football Players Charged In $3.9 Million NFL Health Care Scheme
No, polarization won’t produce endless impeachments in our future
Musk, Bloomberg, Bezos: America’s aristocracy of tech robber barons lives by its own rules
White Democrats Are Leading the Primary Because Nonwhite Voters Support Them (I haven’t seen any data on geographic variation among black voters–e.g., are SC black voters representative of black voters in Ohio?)
The Smartest Guys in the Clubhouse: How the McKinsey-fied Astros cheated their way to a championship—and became a parable of American success
The Gospel of Wealth According to Marc Benioff
How consulting companies like McKinsey optimized American inequality. Two things tend to happen when businesses hire a management consultant: Stock performance rises and payroll falls.
The Rise and Fall of Ukraine’s Fertilizer King (the end of the story maybe should have been the lede?)
Why Trump’s Executive Order on Anti-Semitism Touched Off a Firestorm
America’s shameful abuse of Ukraine
Antifascist Soccer Fans Are Refusing To “Stick To Sports”
The Brookings Study On Low-Wage Jobs. What To Know Before Interpreting The Numbers.
The Power to Kill: What Happens When a Reform Prosecutor Stands Up to the Death Penalty
Bernie Sanders has a $150 billion plan to turn the internet into a public utility with low prices and fast speeds — here’s how his plan works
Anti-politics & the last gasp of British Labourism
Mariana Mazzucato: What Is Economic Value, and Who Creates It?

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