Links 12/14/19

Links for you. Science:

Sweet potato can warn neighbors of insect attacks
Honey badger takes on python and two hungry jackals. Need we say who won?
Expanding NIH’s Definition of Socio-Economic Disadvantaged to be More Inclusive and Diversify the Workforce
Police violence and the health of black infants (related, there’s a Trump-related effect on Latinas)
China gene-edited baby experiment ‘may have created unintended mutations’


Everyone’s talking about impeachment and Clinton and Johnson as the only presidents ever impeached. But most people don’t know WHY Johnson was impeached.
Irreversible Shift
House Venues Seem to Be Closing . Can We Be Sure They’ll Come Back? Hubs of DC culture face rising rents and other threats, but DIY will manage. Right?
Some residents could receive free or reduced transit fare as part a DC pilot program
The President Just Admitted in Court He Ran a Crooked Charity and We’re All Just Gonna Shrug It Off?
We Just Got a Rare Look at National Security Surveillance. It Was Ugly.
Brandon Todd faces challengers to his left as Green Team aims to hold onto Ward 4 council seat
All the DC-Area Stuff We’ve Identified in the “Wonder Woman 1984” Trailer (So Far)
Here’s Why the Rejection Rate for Asylum Seekers Has Exploded in America’s Largest Immigration Court in NYC. “It’s basically like the same problem with putting quotas on police officers for tickets.”
It Doesn’t Matter if Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Is Good Or Bad—Toxic Fans Will Try to Destroy It
Democrats face post-impeachment dilemma: What if Trump offends again?
Starting Some Time Next Year, You Can Tap Into Metro With An IPhone
The Party That Ruined the Planet
‘Silent Sam’ deal cost UNC-CH a $1.5M grant from major foundation donor
The government wants to move the D.C. public defender’s office. That could be disastrous. (reason #eleventygajillion why D.C. needs statehood)
When D.C. Schools Use Restraint or Seclusion, No Laws Govern Them. Allegations of Abuse are Piling Up.
A Glorious Gingerbread Venice Made by Architects and Engineers
Labour won’t win again until it works out why it lost
Did This Local News Show Convince Trump Not To Dissolve A Major Government Agency?
In the Shadow of Impeachment, Neoliberal Democrats Hand Trump a Victory With USMCA (“NAFTA 2.0”)

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