Links 12/11/19

Links for you. Science:

Measles Cripples Immune System For Years After Infection
‘AI Farms’ Are at the Forefront of China’s Global Ambitions
When did societies become modern? ‘Big history’ dashes popular idea of Axial Age
How a closed-door meeting shows farmers are waking up on climate change
Why White Island erupted and why there was no warning


How the Mueller Investigation Changed K Street (very important)
The Eight Counts of Impeachment That Trump Deserves (#5 is so tragic)
The nativity scene at Claremont United Methodist church.
Mayor Pete’s Status Quo Bias: Changing the trajectory of the country is apparently off the table
A Farewell to Feministing and the Heyday of Feminist Blogging
Vavilovian Philosophical Mimicry
Ersatz Better Angels?
Thanks to DC’s new toilet law, it’s going to be easier to find a place to go
Senate trial will be a s**tshow: Can Democrats beat Trump’s disinformation machine?
How Much Do The Children Of Rich People Pay For Chocolate Milk?
Where the Frauds Are All Legal
As a former corporate exec who worked with McKinsey, I may be able to shed light on one of Pete Buttigieg’s unnamed McKinsey clients, and why it’s very significant in this campaign. (Potter was one of the first healthcare whistleblowers, so this might pan out)
‘It’s time for you to die’: How flaws in the SC prison system led to 7 deaths in a single night
Caroll Spinney, who played Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch on ‘Sesame Street,’ dies at 85
The Democratic Party Confronts The Chaos Vote
The press doesn’t have—or won’t use—the proper language to describe today’s radical Republican Party
Boston’s school bathrooms are a big mess
What 60 Minutes Missed: 44 Percent of U.S. Workers Earn $18,000 Per Year
Communicating True Things To Readers And Maybe Trying To Explain Things A Bit
The Impeachment Loophole No One’s Talking About

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