Links 12/3/19

Links for you. Science:

‘Shorter is better, just enough is best’ for antibiotic therapy in kids
This is my perspective as someone who sues drug companies. I don’t trust them at all. But my kids are vaccinated on schedule. Let me tell you why.
Samoa measles outbreak: WHO blames anti-vaccine scare as death toll hits 39
Louisiana not heeding its best advice on climate change
Pushing Diabetics Towards Low-Cost Insulin Is Dangerous


The New Deal Wasn’t Intrinsically Racist: How today’s focus on “racial disparity” can distort our understanding of structural inequality
Democrats, don’t hand impeachment to Mitch McConnell
Trump’s Ukraine scheme: Real conspiracies and conspiracy theories are not alike
Economists Say Forgiving Student Debt Would Boost Economy
A Springtime of Erasure
That Uplifting Tweet You Just Shared? A Russian Troll Sent It
The Left’s Plan to Slip Vote-Swaying News Into Facebook Feeds (not sure she counts as the “left” though)
The Democratic Party Is Making Early Endorsements in Senate Primaries. Grassroots Activists Aren’t Happy
Huey Long and the Power of Populism
Political Hashtags Like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter Make People Less Likely to Believe the News
Broken Promises and Debt Pile Up as Loan Forgiveness Goes Astray
What were voters in Hong Kong district council elections saying? They are mostly fed up – and the opposition is fuelled by anger
The War-Crimes Presidency (every Republican presidency has been the war crimes presidency)
Why White Nationalists Are Turning on Trump Republicans
The Case for Leaving Fare Beaters Alone and Making Public Transit Free
Rising Death Rates Among White Americans Linked to Perceived Threat to their Dominant Social Status
Perceived loss of social status linked to rising mortality rate among white Americans
One judge’s tough approach to foster care: It’s only for the really extreme cases
Trump’s electoral college advantage may be deepening. Do Democrats have a plan for that?
Billionaire-funded protest is rearing its head in America
The Qualcomm Case: Why China Uses U.S. Technology Americans Are Locked Out Of

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