Links 11/27/19

Links for you. Science:

Deceit at Duke: How fraud at a university research lab prompted a $112M fine
Working to the rule – How bibliometric targets distorted Italian research
After child deaths, doctors pressure Border Patrol to let them administer flu vaccines
Captive tigers in the U.S. outnumber those in the wild. It’s a problem.
Stuck in Arctic Ice, Dodging Polar Bears. All for Science.


The conventional advice is “Avoid politics at thanksgiving” but as a political scientist I advise you go hard.
D.C. Mayor Bowser has high approval rating, with 52 percent saying she should seek a third term, Post poll finds
A Pregnant Homeless Woman Was Turned Away After Requesting Emergency Shelter
Frozen in Place: Americans Are Moving at the Lowest Rate on Record
Why Buttigieg’s Shadowy Consultant Past at McKinsey Matters
I’ve Given Up All Hope in Senate Republicans Voting to Impeach
Half of American Men Can’t Handle the Prospect of a Woman President
Why the Hell Did Democrats Just Extend the Patriot Act?
Democratic naysayers are wrong on Medicare for All
Strike for Sunshine
Gordon Sondland Leaves Us With No Other Option
Bernie Sanders Wins the Foreign Policy Debate
The Long-Forgotten Flight That Sent Boeing Off Course
A Former Fox News Executive Divides Americans Using Russian Tactics
The Democratic debate confirmed it — we’ve entered the ‘Bernaissance’
The Jungle Price of Delhi
Why does Amazon’s HQ2 have so much parking?
D.C. Mayor And Arts Commission Strike Deal In Fight Over City’s Public Art
Marc Elrich opposes Montgomery County’s affordable housing goals
As Rents Outrun Pay, California Families Live on a Knife’s Edge
Trump and His Corrupt Old Party
Pete Buttigieg, millennials’ bane
What Happens When a City Tries to End Traffic Deaths
Read This (on impeachment trial strategy)

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