Blurring the Distinctions: The Deval Patrick Edition

Recently, former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick announced that he is going to join the presidential race. The problem with Patrick is that, like many of the radical centrists, he ends up blurring the distinctions with Trump. It’s bad enough he has worked for Bain Capital and several other horrible companies, Mitt Romney’s old vulture capitalist outfit. But this is worse (boldface mine):

As governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick dismissed two top officials at the state’s sex offender registry board after they questioned a hearing officer’s decision that Patrick’s brother-in-law didn’t have to register as a sex offender despite a conviction for spousal rape.

Three years after Patrick ousted those officials, his brother-in-law, Bernard Sigh, was accused of rape a second time. Once again, the victim was his wife, Patrick’s sister. In June 2019, Sigh was sentenced to six to eight years in prison for rape, kidnapping, stalking and witness intimidation….

As Patrick enters the Democratic presidential primary, he will likely face scrutiny about his judgment in this case and whether he abused his position of power to retaliate against state officials who say they were simply trying to apply the law to the then-governor’s family member.

One of the lines of attack against Trump will be that he uses the power of his office for personal financial* and political gain. Patrick would make that argument null and void: after all, he interfered to defend a rapist. For the life of me, other than political consultants looking for a paycheck, I can’t understand who is telling Patrick this run is a good idea.

*Though gormless Richard Neal is doing everything in his power to weaken that line of attack.

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