Links 11/7/19

Links for you. Science:

The NIH public access policy did not harm biomedical journals
Four ways that falling back from Daylight Saving Time can kill you
What every member of Congress should know about vaginas
Behind the Scenes of a Radical New Cancer Cure
Aerial acrobatic mating dance of Hornbills – male inviting the female to stay in its heart & nest without any rent.
A Bad Deal for Early-Career Researchers


In China, every day is Kristallnacht
Elizabeth Warren Releases #MedicareForAll “Pay For” Plan, with “No New Taxes” on the “Middle Class” (fair assessment)
The Porch Pirate of Potrero Hill Can’t Believe It Came to This
Pete Buttigieg Is Now the Darling of the Don’t-Run-With-Scissors Crowd
Children Were Urged To ‘Build The Wall’ At White House Halloween Party
In Iowa, only 5 percent of Biden supporters are younger than 45
Amtrak aspires to a 2-hour D.C.-N.Y. trip, but it’s going to take a lot more than faster trains
Urban Planners Herald End of Cars in Cities
Suddenly, the Never Trump Republicans Don’t Like Smearing War Heroes. How About in 2002? 2004?
Go-go, once blamed for D.C.’s social ills, gains momentum to become the official music of the District
Don’t call her the Ritz. She’s the Taj no more. Say hello to the Newbury, Boston’s grand dame of hotels
Six years ago, he walked into a homeless center seeking a hot meal. Now, he’s the executive director.
How do new emojis happen? A look inside the mysterious group that approves them
Don’t abolish political ads on social media. Stop microtargeting.
Smugglers are sawing through new sections of Trump’s border wall
‘Another Gift’ to Big Business as Trump Treasury Moves to Eliminate Rules Against Corporate Tax Avoidance
Did Body Cameras Backfire?
What Is a Middle Class Tax Hike? Am I Losing My Mind?
The U.S. Only Pretends to Have Free Markets
The right’s mega-rich problem
I Do Not Respect The Intelligence And Honesty Of This Billionaire
How to Approach Medicare for All Financing
The Urgent Need For Worker-Owned Media

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