Links 11/5/19

Links for you. Science:

Rising Seas Are Going to Drown Way More Cities Than We’d Thought
WiFi Is Illegal in This American Town. (And Yes, People Actually Live There.)
This classroom on a Chesapeake Bay island taught generations of students. As the sea rises, its doors are closing.
More than the measles: New study finds skipping MMR vaccine also increases risk for other illnesses
Happy as a Crab That Just Finished a Maze


Ending the Stranglehold of Health Care Costs on American Families
Clap Clap Clap
Amazon Is on the Attack Against Kshama Sawant
Pete Buttigieg Is Still Fighting the Last War
The surprise voting bloc Bernie is banking on to win the nomination (1. Sanders has supported Latinx workers for a very long time; 2. The 21st century version of the classic New Deal voter is a Latinx worker)
The Greatest Health Care System In The World
Many of DC’s playground surfaces contain lead. How dangerous is this, and what should be done?
The most important part of the Democrats’ impeachment resolution
‘Not on my list’: private California firms fight fires, raise concerns (all right we are two nations)
The dread hand of private equity ended up killing Deadspin
Ady Barkan: Elizabeth Warren’s Plan Is a Massive Win for the Medicare for All Movement
Adam Schiff Is No Friend of Progressives
Colleges Should Not Have to Have Food Pantries
Manufacturing Ain’t Great Again. Why?
Elizabeth Warren proposes new taxes to fund Medicare-for-all but says middle class would be spared
No, I Do Not ‘Respect the Office of the Presidency’
All Right Already: By now, we know where Facebook’s allegiances lie (yes, we do)
The steps Team Trump will take to avoid ‘confusing the president’
Is California a Third World State?
Steve Bannon Targeted ‘Incels’ Because They Are ‘Easy to Manipulate,’ Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Says
How Many Times Can Rudy Giuliani Faceplant Mid-Crime Before He Gets Caught?

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