Links 10/25/19

Links for you. Science:

Plate tectonics runs deeper than we thought
There’s a Depressing Difference Between The Sewage of Wealthy Areas And Poorer One
Rx for Doctors: Stop With the Urine Tests
South African scientists demand the return of hundreds of tribal DNA samples after a British institute was accused of trying to use them to make money
Mucus contains powerful sugars that tame germs


The Urban Institute Report Did Not Score Medicare for All
Statehood for D.C.: Are we truly a democratic republic?
U.S. Procurement Won the Civil War, Today It Would Lose A War to China
Presidential ‘Debates’ Aren’t Debates at All – They’re Joint Press Conferences
‘An Absolute Joke’: Debate Moderators Condemned for Asking About Ellen and George Bush After Completely Ignoring Climate Crisis
DC’s new tenants union wants to help renters stay in the city
Grieving Parents ‘Ambushed’ by Trump, Who Had Teen’s Killer Waiting at White House
Employer Tax Credits
Rep. Elijah Cummings, Baltimore civil rights advocate and leader in Trump impeachment inquiry, dies
Biden Helped the GOP Pass “Disastrous” Policies
Flacks and Figures: Pundits and journalists should reveal their wealth
Remembering Washington’s shining Star, a great newspaper that died in 1981
Who is Trump Working For? We Deserve To Know
Socialism doesn’t work? An emerging middle class of Bolivians would beg to differ.
Inside TurboTax’s 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free
How Two Distinct Go-Go Movements Are Changing D.C. Culture
Shame on CNN and the New York Times moderators for ignoring the climate crisis
A Liberal Legal Movement Is Stirring at Last (this is good, but to pack the courts, we’re going to need much more than 32 potential nominees)
William Barr Is Neck-Deep in Extremist Catholic Institutions: His troubles don’t only involve his obeisance to Donald Trump. He’s a paranoid right-wing Catholic ideologue who won’t respect the separation of church and state.
She’s 83 and might get kicked out of her apartment. Among her violations: Taking too many cookies.
Sorry, but Democrats need to talk about Hunter Biden

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