Links 9/29/19

Links for you. Science:

Vineyards Facing An Insect Invasion May Turn To Aliens For Help
5 Everyday Objects That Are Secretly Saving The World
How Ancient DNA Can Help Recast Colonial History
Citizens need to know numbers
MIT Media Lab Kept Regulators in the Dark, Dumped Chemicals in Excess of Legal Limit


The D.C. Region Definitely Feels Unaffordable — But ‘Affordable’ Might Not Mean What You Think (excellent)
How much are we supposed to take?
Stop Bothering
The End of the Netanyahu Era
Restaurant Workers Facing Health Crises and Hospital Bills Fight a System Stacked Against Them
Can the N.F.L. Turn a 360-Pound Rugby Player Into a Football Star?
Anti-Semitic Slur by N.J. Lawmaker Draws Swift Backlash (she’s a Democrat, by the way…)
DC statehood will give representation to city residents and rectify a deep injustice
5 Stories That Prove Having A Hollywood Body Is A Nightmare
Why Ex–Sanders Supporters Are Backing Warren
A 21st Century Breakup: Inside the divorce rattling Silicon Valley and Democratic politics.
Elizabeth Warren Is Betting Young People Hate Corruption More Than Capitalism
The Rise of the Zombie Mall
How Did Lauren Duca’s Revolution Backfire?
How D.C.’s Museums Are Working To Protect Their Collections From More Heat And Flooding
Trump Declares War on California (related post here)
When Big Business Won’t Let the Troops Repair Their Equipment
In A Hearing About Statehood For 700,000 Washingtonians, Republicans Focused On Jack Evans And The Founding Fathers
Only a Global Green New Deal Can Save the Planet
How We Know We’re Prophets
We Were Warned That Trump’s Cronies Would Be Ostracized. So Far, They’re Doing Fine.

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  1. When Big Business Won’t Let the Troops Repair Their Equipment
    Somebody who buys an iPhone which needs a repair is up against a multi-billion dollar corporation in Apple. Ditto for a farmer whose new John Deere tractor has gone kaput. If the Trillion Dollar US military is having the same issue, it’s probably because some of the Big Brass want it that way. Suppose some Generals or Admirals wearing many Stars think sucking up to Big Weapons Companies will improve their chances with their “after-retirement job”. In that event they’re going to fold like wet noodles.

    Anti-Semitic Slur by N.J. Lawmaker Draws Swift Backlash
    Lots and lots of BS here. All of us learned our regional and local versions of English from the time we began talking. Things adults around us were saying tended to stick with us. The other day I made a sarcastic remark about some actor’s shenanigans saying: “That was mighty white of him!” A newcomer in the family from another region looked like I’d poked her with a hot iron. When I was little I heard about a simple musical instrument called a “juice harp”. It was rather long after I became literate I learned I’d misunderstood the term “Jew’s Harp”. (Wonder what the PC people are going to do about that one?) Regarding the current tempest in a teapot, the woman is a politician and will have to be more careful in the future. Her sin isn’t exactly on the same scale as casually murdering Palestinians. Well, maybe for the NYT it is….

    The End of the Netanyahu Era
    The voters in the Apartheid state had a choice of monsters. It could be as simple as them wanting a fresh face for Prime Murderer. Gantz reportedly had campaign ads bragging about bombing Gaza back to the stone age.

    Stop Bothering
    Excellent. Why don’t the spineless Dems throw a witness who waves his middle finger at them into jail? Possibly Pelosi has forbidden such tactics in the name of brotherhood. Or something.

    How much are we supposed to take?
    The author believes the Democratic Leadership should display a backbone. What a novel idea!

    Vineyards Facing An Insect Invasion May Turn To Aliens For Help

    What could stop them? Leach mentions a idea that seems a little crazy at first. Maybe, if the problem came from China, the solution could, too.

    Nice ecology lesson. Just make as sure as you can the “solution” doesn’t magnify the original problem.

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