Links 9/5/19

Links for you. Science:

Jeffrey Epstein’s Links To Scientists Are Even More Extensive Than We Thought
Turquoise-Tinted Tarantula Discovered in Sri Lanka
Federal scientists warned of coming opioid crisis in 2006
The Message of Measles
Of Course There’s Science in Malaysia


Bernie Sanders on his plan for journalism
In Defense Of Hatred (I would call this anger, not hatred)
Elegy for Bernie? Not quite yet: Sanders 2020 poses a conundrum Democrats must solve
Utah, let’s ratify the ERA
George Washington owned slaves and ordered Indians killed. Will a mural of that history be hidden?
The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials
The Desperate Battle For Unions’ Blessing in 2020
Who Cares
Why Libertarianism Will Kill Us All
What Andrew Luck Means
D.C.’s disconnect between citywide enrollment growth and neighborhood change
The NoMa BID wrote an open letter about homeless encampments. What do you think of it?
Moscow Mitch has effectively killed one more line of defense of our elections: The FEC
You’re Our Only Hope (Checks Notes), Joe Walsh
The N.R.A. Has Trump. But It Has Lost Allies in Congress.
Three-Ring White House
The Sisters Who First Tried to Take Down Jeffrey Epstein
The Education of Elizabeth Warren
Trial of High-Powered Lawyer Gregory Craig Exposes Seamy Side of Washington’s Elite

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Trial of High-Powered Lawyer Gregory Craig Exposes Seamy Side of Washington’s Elite ***
    I saw no mention of any nations except Ukraine and a few scattered mentions “Russia”. Who knew these were the only ones doing “seamy” stuff in Washington. A reader is left to assume all the other countries are as pure as the driven snow.

    *** The Education of Elizabeth Warren ***
    A flattering portrayal of Warren by the Neocon York Times. This causes me to suspect a deal with the US Elites has either been cut, or is in the works. If she gets the nomination, another big sign will be who goes in the VP slot. If that person is Harris or Booker or Mayor Pete, Warren had better have a climate plan which puts Sanders to shame. That’s because I’ll have no other reason to bother voting for her.

    *** Moscow Mitch has effectively killed one more line of defense of our elections: The FEC ***
    I think I’m coming to terms with “Moscow Mitch”. When I see it a little translator in my head turns it into “corrupt POS” Mitch, and all is well.

    *** The NoMa BID wrote an open letter about homeless encampments. What do you think of it? ***
    ^^^ NoMa is a vibrant, growing neighborhood nestled next to Capitol Hill, Shaw and Mt. Vernon Triangle, and the H Street NE corridor in Washington, D.C. ^^^

    OK, first thing I did was to look up shelters for DC homeless people. From what I could find I deduce there are no Government Shelters, but instead a big patchwork of ‘private’ places where those homeless can sleep out of the rain. During the day, they’re on their own. Assuming that’s the case, I think this can be compared to the universal disgust of the Power Elites in DC in earlier times.
    ^^^ Groups of chained slaves passed the Capitol and the White House daily. Slaves awaited sale and relocation in crowded pens and cells near and on the Mall. Most Washingtonians were familiar with Robey’s slave pen, located at 8th Street and B Street (now Independence Avenue). Visitors like E. S. Abdy who traveled from England in 1835 were horrified by the presence of slavery near the Capitol and by the conditions of the enslaved people kept at Robey’s. ^^^

    Now it wasn’t the Slavery which was objectionable, it was how the 1840 Snowflakes had to squirm while Foreign Diplomats were watching the spectacle. And the noise, the smell, as the chained up slaves shuffled by! I’d suggest the NoMa BID boys and girls locate some adequate day-time activities for the homeless. If those can’t be jobs, then go with some huge warehouse type buildings like covered lumberyards or tobacco warehouses. With wi-fi and running water these could become alternatives to the underpasses and tents. When enough of these new daytime lounges and new open markets exist, THEN post no-loitering signs and enforce them in 2019 Snowflake country.

    *** What Andrew Luck Means ***
    I hope it means the beginning of the end of a “sport” which exploits young kids, high-schoolers, college athletes, and the few professionals who make the “cut”. Getting banged on the head is harmful at every age, but especially for the younger ones. All for a handful of perfectly awful billionaire owners and a few others like Big Beer. The brighter parents and kids are already exiting – I hope it turns into a flood.

    *** In Defense Of Hatred ***
    *** Why Libertarianism Will Kill Us All ***
    For me the first one was unreadable – my eyes kept glazing over.
    The second one was painful, for very probably Libertarianism has already killed us all. Decades of propaganda funded by the Kochs and others has convinced US citizens government is evil. (And of course Greed Is Good.) Ayn Rand was nuts, and an awful author to boot. Alan Greenspan was literally her disciple, and the damage that man has done to the US is incredible. The “elevation” of destructive bastards like Milton Friedman has been another effect. (he was awarded the fake “Nobel” Economics prize in 1976) The Kochs could afford to finance an endless number of glib authors peddling their line. Unfortunately the old-time SF authors were often Libertarians. Check out Heinlein’s silly “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”. Eric Frank Russell was a great author until he jumped the rails and started preaching about his faith. Read “And Then There Were None” in either the short story or the far-worse short novel to see some really crazy stuff.
    Unfortunately there are also connections to other social issues. If you’re going to shrink government to the point you can drown it in a bathtub, what about National Defense? The True Believers would abolish that too, arguing a feudal system (with themselves at the head, of course) would be able to fight and win any conflict. To be told the Second Amendment covers nuclear weapons and 16″ battleship guns is staggering, and I’ve had Libertarian fanatics say both those things. These people live in a fantasy world. Gordon Dickson’s “Tactics of Mistake” is an example. By sheer force of will the hero quickly gains for himself and his men the ability to run ultra-marathons. By that same willpower he regrows a crippled leg. The genius embedded in the man’s book enables a loser Junior Officer to quickly organize kids, old people, and cripples to defeat an invading army and rescue the Hero. (no details given, it just happened).
    We may have already run out of time on climate change. Way too much of the credit for that will belong with the Kochs and the Libertarians they and their ilk created.

    *** Of Course There’s Science in Malaysia ***
    Good article, but written with the objective of “Opening Those Borders”. What else would a Big Business Organization say?

    *** The Message of Measles ***
    Does this author get paid by the word? I found the piece to be overly long and rambling. Opinion time: those Orthodox Jews are doing about the worst possible thing to their larger religious group in putting some verifiable truth in some of the old slanders. Somebody needs to crack down on them – hard. That should be the Mainstream Religion, I think. Leaving that crackdown to others could get very ugly very fast.

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