Forgetting Our History

Paul Krugman made a very good point last week (boldface mine):

It’s true that Trump (breaking all his campaign promises) has indeed cut taxes on the wealthy, and will surely cut them further if re-elected. By contrast, whoever the Democrats nominate is likely to raise those taxes if she or he wins the general election, perhaps substantially.

But let’s get real. If you’re a billionaire, you don’t need the extra money. At that level, purchasing power has nothing to do with the quality of life; having a 45,000-square-foot house instead of just 40,000, or flying to one of your multiple other residences in a bigger private jet, won’t make you significantly happier…

More to the point, Trumpism is about much more than tax cuts: It’s an attempt to end the rule of law and impose an authoritarian, white nationalist regime. And even billionaires should be terrified about what their lives will be like if that attempt succeeds.

This is especially true if you’re a member of a minority, even if your skin happens to be white. Ross is Jewish — and anyone Jewish has to be completely ignorant of history not to know that when bigotry runs free, we’re always next in line for persecution

In fact, the ingredients for an American pogrom are already in place. The El Paso shooting suspect, like many right-wing terrorists, is a believer in “replacement theory” — the claim that immigration is part of a vast conspiracy to replace whites with people of color. And who’s behind that conspiracy? You know who: “Jews will not replace us,” declared the torch-carrying marchers in Charlottesville.

Is Trump a replacement theory guy? The replacement theorists think so.

In any case, billionaires who imagine that their wealth will insulate them from the purges and insecurity of an authoritarian regime are deluding themselves. Look at Vladimir Putin’s Russia, a place Trump surely sees as a role model. Putin certainly coddles an inner circle of oligarchs. But he has shown no hesitation about using a politicized legal system to persecute and ruin his critics, no matter how wealthy.

Something to consider is that Il Trumpe et alia’s incompetence has saved a great many people. He is a very incompetent Palinist. But a President Tom Cotton? That should terrify us. He is precisely the kind of man who would do all of the horrible things (not just some of them like Trump). We stop it now or it gets much worse.

And Ross of all people should know this.

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Non-antibiotic pharmaceuticals can enhance the spread of antibiotic resistance via conjugation ***
    I’ve been trying to get a handle on this one. The researchers work at an Australian water center studying the industrial urban water cycle. One aspect of their work involves checking on things which water treatment systems don’t handle well, and the consequences of those releases into the environment. My best take: when bacteria get stressed, they react by increasing their contacts with other bacteria. Lots of chemicals cause this effect, and some (like disinfectants) aren’t pharmaceuticals.

    It’s like some of us hear the Zombie Apocolypse has started, and in our agitation we start talking to neighbors and looking for ideas on how to cope. After that we might take a pocket full of money along with all our extra knives and guns and general stuff from the garage to the parking lot of the Big Box Store where we “swap” with others there for things which might kill a Zombie. So bringing home a wooden ball bat, an ax, a box of smoke b*mbs, and some silver bullets made for werewolves would be just be logical. A person can never be sure what’ll take out a Zombie, so best be prepared!

    Billions of years of evolution has produced a suvival strategy for bacteria in which they “arm” themselves with every loose gene in the neighborhood. Who knows? – something from that red-headed/left-handed E. Coli just might do the trick. This has always been happening, and I don’t see how going “cold turkey” on ibuprofen or Lysol is going to matter much.

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