Links 8/2/19

Links for you. Science:

I’m a scientist. Under Trump I lost my job for refusing to hide climate crisis facts
What’s deoxyribonucleotide in sign language?
NASA Practices Space Gardening to Pack Lunchboxes for Mars
The superbug Candida auris is giving rise to warnings — and big questions
The USDA Didn’t Publish Its Plan to Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Change. Here’s Where They Need It the Most.


The LGBTQ Health Clinic That Faced a Dark Truth About the AIDS Crisis
Donald Trump Reportedly Considering Hosting G7 Summit at His Own Golf Resort Blasted as ‘Extremely Problematic’
Hundreds of black Americans were killed during ‘Red Summer.’ A century later, still ignored
Summer Vacation in an Age of Concentration Camps, Part 4.
In 1910, East Texas saw one of America’s deadliest post-Reconstruction racial purges. One survivor’s descendants have waged an uphill battle for generations to unearth that violent past.
Seattle’s Growing Lack of Compassion
Trump’s new food stamp proposal weaponizes government against poor people
The Secret to the Trump Economy? More Government Spending
Fox & Friends hosts say there’s no need to raise the tipped minimum wage
Mitch McConnell Received Donations from Voting Machine Lobbyists Before Blocking Election Security Bills
MSNBC’s Anti-Sanders Bias Makes It Forget How to Do Math (all the bad faith arguments are so stupid, and will ultimately end up hurting Democrats in the general)
Most Dem Presidential Candidates Are Attacking Trump’s Korea Policy—From the Right
They said you could leave electric scooters anywhere — then the repo men struck back
Why Corporations Want You to Shut Up and Meditate
Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset
The Democrats’ Immigration Problem Is Bigger Than Donald Trump
The Crisis of Anglo-American Democracy
She must choose: Stay with her undocumented family in America or live freely in Canada (horrifying)
Craft beer’s diversity problem: Too many white male hipsters
Hong Kong police have faced protester anger. Some would rather be on the other side.

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2 Responses to Links 8/2/19

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** NASA Practices Space Gardening to Pack Lunchboxes for Mars ***
    The Neocon York Times publishes some nonsense. The author here had an impossible task – to make the BS in the story look kind of/sort of plausible.
    Maybe there has been a breakthrough in human hibernation. If there is, I haven’t heard of it. If people travel to Mars while awake, they’ve got to eat regular meals, and humans are large animals. Each passenger will need thousands of these sorts of things packed away:
    They’ll also need tons of water both to drink and to rehydrate the dinners. Their spacecraft can be named after B-52s – BUFFs, only in this case the acronym would mean Big Ugly Fast (fellows). Fast because the slower the ride, the more tonnage of food and water will be needed. Not to mention the extra exposure to cosmic rays. Planning for a manned Mars trip with the Earth on the verge of catastrophe is plain nuts – unless you’re a billionaire running away from the disaster your own class has been instrumental in creating.

    *** Most Dem Presidential Candidates Are Attacking Trump’s Korea Policy—From the Right ***
    Most Dem Presidential Candidates are neocon nuts. Sanders is the “least bad”, and as such not acceptable to the Pelosi/Schiff/Schumer gang. They’d prefer Trump’s Second Term to Sanders. North Korea now has a plausible deterrent to US attack, and pretending that’s Trump’s fault is just plain dumb.

    *** The Crisis of Anglo-American Democracy ***
    Despite being an economist, I learned to my satisfaction the author is not a complete fool. So the only explanation for this perfectly awful article I can think of is that he figures he couldn’t get anything else published. Sachs knows at least as well as myself that Trump is President because he ran against Hillary Clinton and for no other reason. The only way Trump will remain president in a non-coup situation is if Pelosi et. al. forces that outcome. With their extreme (and insane) focus on protecting illegal immigration the crazy Democrats are both doing the bidding of their Corporate Masters and pushing the voters towards Trump. Win/Win!

  2. Pat says:

    Regarding the BBC article on the Deaf biomedical researcher

    The Rochester Institute of Technology hosts the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), where deaf and hard of hearing students are trained for careers in science and other fields. Many signs for highly technical terminologies in both science and medicine are commonly used. ASL is a highly versatile language that can convey subtle and difficult technical ideas with ease. It’s good to see other countries also working to train and employ Deaf researchers.

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