A Bad Night for ‘Moderates’

A quick note about last night’s debate. Despite the massive post-debate spin by Blue Dog Democrats like McCaskill and others, last night was a bad one for conservative Democrats, Blue Dogs, and the like. The Sanders/Warren duo pretty much knocked the shit out of the milquetoast brigade. Regardless of what people call themselves, Democrats seem to want themselves some New Deal-type action–leaving aside the policy details (which are important!). Despite what a part of pseudowoke Twitter feels about him generally, Sanders was very effective embracing his own style–”I do know it–I wrote the damn bill!” was good. Warren showed a willingness and ability to throw hard punches too.

It’s clear that lefty types have finally figured out reasonable responses within the confines of a political debate that is too often framed in Republican terms ([cough] Jake Tapper [cough]). It was good to see several candidates, though not Buttigieg, get called on this. Also, despite his dislike for Trump, Tapper is not an ally. At all (and, yes, the political press corps has an ideology, one that isn’t like Democrats’). My one concern is that Williamson is getting decent press and she is bonkers, if polished (really, her views on vaccination and health are appalling–and mean. Nominate her and the “Democrats listen to scientists” claim goes right out the window.)

Finally, one thing not related to last night’s debate at all: the most depressing thing about a Biden nomination would be that his appointees, advisors and so on would be the same old New Democrats. At least with someone like Buttigieg (blech), we would get some new New Democrats. The ossification of the Democratic Party isn’t just about the politicians themselves, but the recycling of the same has-been advisors and apparatchiks.

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  1. The clickbait “RT” had a nice take on this titled “CNN’s debate strategy to pit Sanders and Warren as crazies against the moderate pack fails miserably ”
    Unfortunately there was an internal link hyping the crazy Williamson woman for saying something about “dark psychic force”, but that’s part and parcel of their milking everything for the bucks.

    “friendly” clickbait can be fun to read.

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