Links 7/20/19

Links for you. Science:

Ed Dwight Was Set to Be the First Black Astronaut. Here’s Why That Never Happened.
Latin America’s war on obesity could be a model for U.S.
House orders Pentagon to say if it weaponized ticks and released them
Florida’s Corals Are Dying Off, But It’s Not All Due To Climate Change, Study Says
Researchers think they know what’s killing London’s iconic sparrow


Free trade doesn’t just lead to job loss. It means more deaths from drug overdoses and increased military recruitment. (unfortunately, this will get ignored by part of the left due to ideological inconvenience)
Trump Racism Is Just For The Diner Rubes
Don’t Look Under That Rock
Facebook privately pitched its cryptocurrency plan last month to regulators. They were left even more scared.
What Being Jewish Means to Bernie
It’s Time To Appreciate D.C.’s Colorful Crape Myrtles
I have served in the Air Force and in Congress. People still tell me to ‘go back’ to China.
Single-Family Home Prices Up Nearly 100 Percent in National Landing
I’m an Engineer, and I’m Not Buying Into ‘Smart’ Cities
A Prosperous China Says ‘Men Preferred,’ and Women Lose
When an encampment is a single person and their stuff
Himes heeds call for ‘clarity and conviction’
Joe Biden Wants to “Get Rid” of Half of Obamacare
Trump’s Tax Law Threatened TurboTax’s Profits. So the Company Started Charging the Disabled, the Unemployed and Students. (just nationalize them, and let everyone use it without a fee)
The future of the GOP (obviously) isn’t Nikki Haley. It’s Liz Cheney
More than 3 million people gave to Democrats via ActBlue, signaling another big year for online small-dollar donations
CNN hosted panel of Trump’s “female supporters” to discuss his racist tweets without revealing their history of Republican activism (there’s a lot of this going around)
Congratulations, George Wallace, There’s a Party for You
John Paul Stevens Saw What Was Coming
Taxpayers are helping to keep Trump’s white elephant golf course afloat

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  1. *** House orders Pentagon to say if it weaponized ticks and released them ***
    Key part:
    “The Senate has passed its version without any similar provision, and now House and Senate negotiators must reconcile the two bills.”
    I fear the Democrats are just posturing, and will fold like wet noodles, their preferred option in all things. Once upon a time it was unthinkable to me that the US might have used biowar in China during the Korean War. Not anymore. I’ve learned how the new CIA protected and coddled Japanese war criminals and experts in order to get their information and other “stuff”. Trying out their new toys would have been irresistible to them.

    *** What Being Jewish Means to Bernie ***
    First of all, I’m astonished jewishcurrents published this piece. Calling Lieberman a “representative of mainstream Jewish institutions in the country” is about the most devastating insult to those “mainstream institutions” I’ve seen in ages. Whatever – but it sure did serve to rehabilitate Sanders with me. As I’ve repeatedly said since 2015, I don’t really like the guy’s politics – he’s just too darned conservative to suit me. Problem is, we live in something called the “Real World”, and I’ve got to ask “compared with what”? Sanders gets a rating from me of about a C, but almost everybody else is in the D- range. I’ve been pining for Tulsi Gabbard, despite her solid 1% status. But ought I?

    *** Is Tulsi Gabbard Qualified? ***
    Posted on July 17, 2019 by David Swanson

    Swanson takes his purity demands to extremes – expecting Gabbard to apologize for being in the Military just isn’t reasonable. But his asking why she is a devoted supporter of Big Wasteful Defense Spending is another matter altogether. Can’t she at least say something negative about the F-35 or the Ford class carriers?

    ^^^If not Tulsi Gabbard, then who? Well, within the Democratic field of candidates, the vast majority of them are far worse than she is on war and peace. Bernie Sanders isn’t. He’s a million miles from perfect. He also lacks the sadly crucial characteristics needed for the infantile exercise in tokenism that elections have become. But he opposes wars and military spending without feeling compelled every time he does so to also brag about having participated in what he is opposing. How is that not a leading platform for everyone who cares about peace?^^^

    So how about Sanders/Warren, or maybe the reverse if that’s how the cookies crumble. Both too old, but fill the cabinet with potential guys and gals for 2024. Sink or swim – Gabbard for Secretary of Defense?

    Gut feeling: if Sanders is at the top of the ticket, Trump’s 3-digit IQ people will desert him. Brighter Republicans want nice things too, and are sick of foreign wars for the Apartheid State. Still another reason for Pelosi (with her Super-Delegates secret weapon) to keep him out of the White House. She and her gang liked the things Bush the dumber did, what Obama did, and what Trump is doing. No Change needed – except maybe to act a little more dignified.

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