Links 7/17/19

Links for you. Science:

In real life, Simba’s mom would be running the pride
Mineral fight goes Mesozoic: Who owns dinosaur bones?
Most Americans See Antibiotic Resistance as a Public Health Problem, But Nearly Half Have Not Taken Antibiotics As Prescribed
The Moon Is a Hazardous Place to Live
Viking bones and DNA will decay quickly as Greenland thaws


An entire block of moderate House Dems ran explicitly on replacing Pelosi last year. But Public Enemy #1 is the chief of staff for a progressive that defended and voted for her. (excellent)
This Is Our Emergency (1. excellent; 2. Atrios is a Metric fan)
Democrats Continue Search For The Smoking Gun They Already Have (Democratic voters did our job. Now fucking do yours.)
Washington Floods Expose a Double Threat: Old Drains and Climate Change
Social Security Is A Good Litmus Test For Candidates (yes, it is)
Can Elizabeth Warren help break the political consulting cartel? (perhaps!)
Life in a City Without Water: Anxious, Exhausting and Sweaty
Odds Are, Your Doctorate Will Not Prepare You for a Profession Outside Academe
Nancy Pelosi’s renewed attacks on AOC aren’t just disrespectful, they’re dangerous (this underestimates the role of ideological differences as well as fundraising; I’m sure when Pelosi fundraises, she catches shit from wealthy donors about the Squad)
The Truth About the Queens DA Recount
Bill Keating is ‘not OK’: In search of a progressive challenger for my business-as-usual representative
Confessions of a Red Line defector
Is There a Global Future for Unions?
How Jeffrey Epstein made himself into a ‘Harvard man’
The Turn of the Pelosi Screw
The David Ortiz shooting and the corruption of the Dominican dream
Judge Dread
In Detroit, ‘tiny houses’ are a solution to homelessness. They could solve a lot more as well.
Work begins to fix Union Station Metro’s broken chiller system (maybe it will happen faster than Dupont Circle/Farragut North, which, after four years, still isn’t fixed)
‘We Have a President Who Lost the Popular Vote by Three Million’: Sanders Backs Abolishing the Electoral College

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Mineral fight goes Mesozoic: Who owns dinosaur bones? ***
    That court judgement was so unbelievable I could hardy wrap my brain around it. No wonder deep-pocket litigants are willing to go “judge-shopping”. A quick search to see what other people thought of it uncovered this at a forum:

    ^^^ So if a fossil now is nothing more than a mineral, why can’t commercial diggers and amateur paleontologists get leases to dig on federal lands just as mining companies can get leases to recover the minerals they seek? ^^^

    *** The Moon Is a Hazardous Place to Live ***
    The author of this piece is not a hack, so I have to wonder why he penned something which would be a ‘natural’ for The National Enquirer. No factual errors that I noticed, but a whale of a lot of misdirection here. Was it what the Neocon York Times demanded? Or what he figured they would publish?

    *** This Is Our Emergency ***
    Yes, it’s good, but it’s not typical of the site. ‘Atrios’ has become unbelievably lazy – so much so I took down the site bookmark years ago because 97% of the time my visit was a waste.

    *** Confessions of a Red Line defector *** and *** Work begins to fix Union Station Metro’s broken chiller system ***
    Opinion time here – the filthy rich will let US infrastructure collapse rather than let themselves be taxed to either maintain or rebuild it.

    *** We Have a President Who Lost the Popular Vote by Three Million’: Sanders Backs Abolishing the Electoral College ***
    WTH does Sanders think he is doing? State-boundary-firewalled voting systems keep the rot in any one from contaminating the others. The Democratic corruption in California alone would have overwhelmed everything else in 2016.
    I’ve no problem with Presidential elections using a national Popular Vote so long as everything else about that election is nationalized too. A universal registration system, if such nonsense must be continued. And a similarly standardized voting system – throughout the entire nation. Exact Same Rules Everywhere. IMO a Popular Vote scheme also requires a return to paper ballots marked with indelible ink, counted by humans, and stored for at least 5 years.
    Otherwise all it will take is ONE really good hacking operation to put anybody at all into the White House.
    I’m guessing Sanders is just running his mouth about all this, for a Constitutional Amendment would be required for such a change, and he probably feels quite safe with his no-detail pronouncement. Adding this foolishness to his shaky stands on national health care and National Defence doesn’t comfort me at all about him.

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