Links 7/3/19

Links for you. Science:

The Last of Its Kind
Apollo 11: Mission Out of Control
18-year-old who has advocated for vaccines is now target of harassment\
North Atlantic Right Whales Are Dying in Horrific Ways
NASA Announces New Dragonfly Drone Mission to Explore Titan


Boeing’s 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers (you’ll never guess what happened next!)
South End, Boston
Republicans start donating to Marianne Williamson to keep her in future Democratic debates
‘I could have shot you in front of your fucking kids’: how cops dehumanize black people
Chronicling the end times on Tangier Island
GrubHub is buying up thousands of restaurant web addresses. That means Mom and Pop can’t own their slice of the internet
I have never met antisemitism in Britain… until now
I’m an American who’s lived in Europe for 10 years — and I don’t miss these 5 aspects of American culture at all
D.C. continues misspending funds intended for neediest in its schools, report says
Want to Be Less Racist? Move to Hawaii
Daily Kos founder offers ridiculous analysis of debate, Bernie responds. (Kos, who admits he liked Reagan, must be driven to his wits’ end by the Sanders support on Kos….)
Trump asks for military tanks on the Mall as part of grandiose July Fourth event
DC’s new housing inspection policy expedites fines in an attempt to clear the backlog
Hey Dems, Take It From This Ex-Centrist: We Blew It
Metro Includes Bus Trips In Monthly Metrorail Pass And Adds More Red Line Service
2,000 Cameras Will Be Watching How You Drive in New York City
Is This Embattled D.C. Hotel Sleazier Than Trump’s? (no, but it does show how stupid tax easements are)
Have we all underrated the humble pencil?
‘Shocking’ Cut May Force Layoffs for Alaska’s Universities

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