Links 7/2/19

Links for you. Science:

NIH probe of foreign ties has led to undisclosed firings—and refunds from institutions
The case for diet soda: It gets a bad rap, but the research tells a different story
Giant Squid Reappears on Video, This Time in U.S. Waters
Male principal investigators (almost) don’t publish with women in ecology and zoology
The secret social lives of viruses


Why Joe Biden should answer for his record from decades ago: In the 1970s and 1980s, he helped pull the Democratic Party to the right. Will he do so again?
Opportunity cost, MMT and public spending (bit of a strawman, but still good)
Bernie Sanders Sole Candidate to Address the Black Press at NNPA National Convention
Tom Perez Traded a Puerto Rico Statehood Endorsement for DNC Chair Votes
Pilots Flagged Software Problems on Boeing Jets Besides Max (uh oh.)
Never Trumpers have ONE JOB: explain to the wingnuts that Trump is an existential threat.
What Happened When Austin Asked Homeless People How To Solve Homelessness (““I have a convertible, and I’m afraid to drive it because I’m afraid what they’ll [the homeless] do to me when they panhandle,” another speaker testified, through tears.” Ugh.)
Crowding at the African American Museum is the result of poor layout more than popularity
Joe Biden defends his 1970s position on school busing, but the reality is complicated
As cities rethink single-family zoning, traditional ideas of the American Dream are challenged (the simplest way to remove single-family zoning would be through the tax code)
A lamppost could be why you’re sweating a bunch at 2 Metro platforms
Insulin pumps are vulnerable to hacking, FDA warns amid recall (the MiniMed 508 and the MiniMed Paradigm)
Embracing Jim Crow-era rules, Florida GOP enacts poll tax that could ban up to 1 million from voting
Children are suffering and dying. The fastest way to stop it is to make sure those responsible, including the foot soldiers, face consequences.
Border Detainees Are Fed ‘Appalling’ Menu of Slimy Sandwiches and Unhealthy Ramen
Who Owns Tomorrow?
Design Genius Jony Ive Leaves Apple, Leaving Behind Crapified Products That Cannot Be Repaired
Revitalizing Diplomacy: A 21st Century Foreign Service
Jony Ive’s Fragmented Legacy: Unreliable, Unrepairable, Beautiful Gadgets

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