Links 6/25/19

Links for you. Science:

A Global Survey Shows Which Countries Are The World’s Top Vaccine Doubters
Let the Mystery Be? Researchers may soon isolate the genetic roots of homosexuality. As a scientist, that excites me. But as a gay man, I worry about what might happen next.
Potentially deadly valley fever is hitting California farmworkers hard, worrying researchers
Standards Seekers Put the Human Microbiome in Their Sights
The global transition to clean energy, explained in 12 charts


It’s time to push the 2020 Democrats to work for D.C. statehood (yes, it is)
The Revenge of the Poverty-Stricken College Professors Is Underway in Florida. And It’s Big. (one candidate has a plan for that)
Facebook Will Make the Money Now
The United States still spends 10 times as much on fossil fuel subsidies as they do on education
Why Trump Offers Every Possible Answer (narcissists do this all the time)
Right now Donald Trump thinks he’s winning — and he might not be wrong (“He realizes that accountability for his abundant misdeeds isn’t coming and he’s free to do what he wants, with no real danger of facing the consequences.”)
Ghost networks of psychiatrists make money for insurance companies but hinder patients’ access to care
Elizabeth Warren’s Rise Is a Plus for Issue Politics — And a Bad Sign for Billionaires
‘They’re all fighting him’: Trump aides spar with health secretary
Low prices of some lifesaving drugs make them impossible to get
Making sense of Donald Trump’s petulant reign
The Postal Service Wants To Make Deep Cuts To Worker Benefits, Internal Plan Shows
Every question-and-answer period at every Jewish event ever
Hospitals are a missing link in easing the opioid crisis
Concentration Camps Existed Long Before Auschwitz
How Teach for America Evolved Into an Arm of the Charter School Movement
Tobacco’s ‘Special Friend’: What Internal Documents Say About Mitch McConnell
Donald Trump could reverse cuts to arts, poor and elderly if he stopped staying at Mar-a-Lago, figures show
If You’ll Forget, David Brooks Will Forgive
The Group That Helped Bring AOC To Congress Has A New Candidate For 2020

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