Links 5/25/19

Links for you. Science:

Cluster of massive great white sharks spotted off Carolina coast
‘Heartbeat’ Bills Get the Science of Fetal Heartbeats All Wrong
Why race science is on the rise again
A Rare Genetic Mutation Leads to Cancer. The Fix May Already Be in the Drugstore.
The Curious History of Crap—From Space Junk to Actual Poop


Democrats Need to Tame the Facebook Monster They Helped Create (excellent)
An Optimist Signs Off
What to Do When You’re a Country in Crisis (Diamond also got Easter Island wrong)
Secret tracking device found in Navy email to Navy Times amid leak investigation raises legal, ethical questions
Donald Trump’s Tax Maneuvers Are Typical for His Class
National Building Museum gifted upwards of 3K miniature buildings (“gifted”?!? Given.)
The Fight Over How Trump Fits in With the Other 44 Presidents
Anthony Abraham Jack Wants to Redefine How We Think About College Campus Inequality
Rubio’s Corporate Investment Plan Could Make Him Popular on Left
If a fetus is a person, it should get child support, due process and citizenship
‘It has shocked the entire Jewish community’: Arsons probed at Arlington, Needham Chabad centers
How An Elite Private School Is Dodging Blame For Sexual Assault Of A Student (we should ban mandatory arbitration)
Missing the Point
Don’t be fooled: Joe Biden is no friend of unions
The Federal Government Has Poured Millions into Failing Charter Schools in Louisiana
Trump’s governing style seems to have brushed off on D.C.’s mayor (Council Member Silverman’s take here)
Marianne Williamson Is a Lefty With Soul
QOTD: Beto O’Rourke
New CAH Director Claps Back (the D.C. Arts Forum annotates The Afro–the latter seems to be in the tank for Bowser)
What You Can Do to Help Women in States With Extreme Abortion Bans

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