Links 4/29/19

Links for you. Science:

Esther Lederberg and Her Husband Were Both Trailblazing Scientists. Why Have More People Heard of Him?
Ten simple rules towards healthier research labs
Researchers Rethink the Ancestry of Complex Cells
‘Extreme Pollen’ Blankets North Carolina in a Sneeze-Inducing Yellow Haze
Syphilis Is Spreading Across Rural America


Congress Needs To Lock Up Non-Complying Witnesses
Fox News Reporter Rips Colleagues Over Charlottesville: You Sound Like ‘White Supremacist Chat Room’
‘We owe much to the Sackler family’: How gifts to a top medical school advanced the interests of Purdue Pharma
Why in the world would impeaching the least popular president in the postwar era lead to a backlash?
Silicon Valley Came to Kansas Schools. That Started a Rebellion. (not allowed to inflict education reform on suburban white kids)
Scott Kelly Spent a Year Taking Photos in Space. They’re Beautiful.
A Bloomingdale ANC is trying to water down a street safety plan to temporarily save two parking spots
Why Joe Biden can’t escape controversies over his past
Resurrection Sunday: Can the republic be resurrected?
John Oliver tackles the Sacklers: the litigious, secretive billionaires whose family business engineered the opioid crisis
What Congress Should Ask Bill Barr When He Testifies
Do voucher students’ scores bounce back after initial declines? New research says no
Mueller Prosecutors: Trump Did Obstruct Justice
This Tax Day, Some Truckers Are Unhappy With Trump
Democratic 2020 candidate Eric Swalwell demands William Barr’s resignation over Mueller report
This is a great ad and a powerful message
D.C. Uber Drivers Often Don’t Know What They Earn After Expenses (As Little As $5 An Hour), Study Finds
It’s not 1998 anymore. Democrats shouldn’t be afraid of impeachment
Judge indicted in Massachusetts for refusing to allow undocumented immigrant to be detained
A preacher for Trump’s America: Joel Osteen and the prosperity gospel

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