Links 4/26/19

Links for you. Science:

A Vicious, Untreatable Killer Leaves China Guessing
As calls for measles vaccination rise, it’s crickets from the White House
My Fellow Hasidic Jews Are Making a Terrible Mistake About Vaccinations
The Predator That Makes Great White Sharks Flee in Fear
DC, nearby counties receive failing grade for healthy air


House Democrats Are Failing to Investigate the White House
It looks like Trump’s effort to rig the census may succeed
Japan Has a New Emperor. Now It Needs a Software Update.
We Tried To Tell You
An ex-offender seemed to be making all the right moves. His father wants to know why he was killed.
Is The Sugar Daddy Who Gives Away Tens of Thousands of Dollars On Twitter Real?
It’s time to call out Disney — and anyone else rich off their workers’ backs
What would Republicans do with a Mueller report? Build an impeachment case.
Navy SEALs Were Warned Against Reporting Their Chief for War Crimes
How Pete Buttigieg’s Meaningless Erudition Made Him the ‘Smart’ Candidate
Pharma & Insurance Gave $36M to the 33 Senate Democrats Not Backing Medicare for All
Turmoil consumes White House team guiding feds’ tech strategy
How Nest, designed to keep intruders out of people’s homes, effectively allowed hackers to get in
Joe Biden, Net Neutrality Skeptic, to Attend Fundraiser Held by Comcast’s Top Lobbyist (he would be a disaster as a nominee)
Tell Me Again Why Prisoners Can’t Vote
Analysis of 4 Million Pitches Reveals Umps Really Do Suck at Calling Strikes
These women were elected as democratic socialists. Now they’re trying to figure out what that means.
How the Boston Marathon Messes With Runners to Slow Them Down
Take it from an economist, Medicare for All is the most sensible way to fix health care
There are many progressives at ThinkProgress/CAP working to make the world a better place. But there are also many partisan hacks, and even worse, hacks literally paid by special interests to peddle influence for corporations at the expense of the public interest. Here are a few:

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  1. A Vicious, Untreatable Killer Leaves China Guessing

    C’mon now. I don’t like Trump either, but this is way over the top.

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