Shaming Works

I’m old enough to remember when yelling at people who are responsible for keeping babies in cages would cost Democrats the 2018 elections (boldface mine):

The official called the current situation at the border, which is experiencing the highest number of unauthorized crossings in some 15 years, fundamentally a “court and congressionally created crisis,” but acknowledged that mistakes early in the administration have exacerbated the problem.

For example, “very few politicals were put into key positions,” the official said, referring to appointments of Trump supporters as opposed to civil service employees, which enabled workers who philosophically opposed Trump’s initiatives to drag things out as long as possible.

“The mere act of electing a Republican president doesn’t mean that suddenly every civil career employee goes to work every day and starts undoing all the things that they did for the last eight years,” the official said.

The failure to fill political appointments quickly and keep them filled was a function of the social disdain for Trump administration officials — particularly officials who have implemented his immigration policies such as the Muslim ban or the separation of families.

The official said that former Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief Tom Homan received multiple death threats, while other officials have been harassed in public.

There’s a cost, a personal cost associated in today’s hyper-partisan environment with an increasingly vocal hard left on immigration,” the official said. “You would not be able to go out to, like, a restaurant in Washington, D.C.

One consequence of that, the official said, has been hiring unqualified managers for important jobs: “The skill set that translates to managing a large and sometimes very recalcitrant bureaucracy is a very different skill set, sometimes, from working at a think tank or drafting messaging amendments or doing blogging.”

Definitely different from blogging. Anyone who says social shunning and shaming doesn’t work is wrong. It can, and it did.

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