Links 4/10/19

Links for you. Science:

High proportions of bacteria are culturable across major biomes
Why Is Lil Bub Such a Famous Cat? It’s in Her Blood. Literally
NIH director apologizes for ‘mishandled’ security that blocked Iranian scientists
Sydney Brenner, Nobel Prize-winning microbiologist, dies at 92
Even Viruses Can Get Infected With Other Viruses


The Pigfucker Whisperers
How regulators, Republicans and big banks fought for a big increase in lucrative but risky corporate loans
The State Police know every time you drive on or off Cape Cod
The electoral college is a failure. The Founding Fathers would probably agree.
The IRS Tried to Take on the Ultrawealthy. It Didn’t Go Well.
Trump Homeland Security Official Suggested Antifascists Were ‘The Actual Threats’
Modern Monetary Theory Finds an Embrace in an Unexpected Place: Wall Street
Trump is floundering disastrously on multiple fronts. Stop pretending he’s in control.
‘Someone Is Always Trying to Kill You’: The United States cannot erect a wall and expect women to resign themselves to being slaughtered.
Elizabeth Warren will back ending the Senate filibuster
Whatever Happened to the Israeli Left? On the eve of the Jewish state’s elections, an appraisal of the battered opposition.
She’s Like An Agnostic– Have You Seen Her All In Gold, Like A Queen In Days Of Old
‘Like the Eye of Sauron’: western Europe’s tallest building planned for tiny Danish town
Bad Brains
Kirstjen Nielsen
Medicare for All Critics Are Telling Lies
New National Children’s Museum will finally open Nov. 1 after a delay

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