Links 1/25/19

Links for you. Science:

Oceans Are Getting Louder, Posing Potential Threats to Marine Life
Scientists ID another possible threat to orcas: pink salmon
A teen scientist helped me discover tons of golf balls polluting the ocean
Killing Clothes Lice by Holding Infested Clothes Away from Hosts for 10 Days to Control Louseborne Relapsing Fever, Bahir Dah, Ethiopia
Why geneticists stole cancer research even though cancer is primarily a signaling disease (interesting, though it leaves out the role of oncogenes in terms of biasing how we think about the problem)


Baby Bonds Only Modestly Reduce the Racial Wealth Gap
Spotted in Meridian Hill Park over the Weekend
The billionaire next door
The government shutdown is going to do major damage to the GOP
The Two Faces of Kamala Harris
Is a Prophet Like MLK Possible Today?
First thoughts on Elizabeth Warren’s prospects in Iowa
Nathan Phillips rejects Jeff Ruby’s offer to ‘break bread’ with CovCath students
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Hike Idea Is Not About Soaking the Rich (I think it is, but the point is that’s a goodthing; actually, this is a bad title)
Trump’s So-Called ‘Compromise’ Is Loaded With Poison Pills
Trump’s phony ‘compromise’ has now been unmasked as a total sham
I Saw the Smirk With My Eyes, But Felt It in My Gut
Should being a white man be a negative for Democratic presidential candidates?
2 Mass. Mayors Describe ‘Eye-Opening’ Visits To Canadian Clinics That Supervise Drug Use
Shutdown puts major Tintoretto exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in jeopardy
How an engineer and a crack dealer teamed up to sell scores of unlicensed guns

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