Links 1/19/19

Links for you. Science:

Polygenic scores and tea drinking
George, the Last Hawaiian Land Snail, Passes Away
Another Day, Another Exoplanet: NASA’s TESS Keeps Counting More
The Shutdown Shows Just How Vital Government Scientists Are
IBM announces high-resolution global weather forecast model


The Gig Economy Is a Big Nothingburger
Houses keep getting bigger, but the number to watch is the area per person in it
Americans can spend a majority of their time in a few spaces in their home and still want large homes
Trump’s Inauguration Paid Trump’s Company — With Ivanka in the Middle
US Carbon Emissions Soared in 2018
404 Page Not Found (not a typo on my part)
The “skills gap” was a lie
White House gearing up to replace RBG
The Best Way To Argue Against PAYGO
Why Democrats will not tear themselves apart from the inside
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Critique of Fact-Checking Is Valid
What’s The Matter With the Democratic Party? Just Watch Pelosi and Schumer Respond to Trump’s Wall Speech.
Burnout Isn’t Just a Millennial Affliction
Voice is dead, will email be far behind?
The best solution to Harvard’s admissions problem is simple: run a lottery
Progressives Fought for Key Committee Spots, but Centrist New Dems Came Out on Top
What if Cities Are No Longer the Land of Opportunity for Low-Skilled Workers?
Sherrod Brown Being the Democratic Presidential Nominee Is A Terrible Idea
Millennials Don’t Have a Monopoly on Burnout
Why Cities, Not Individuals, Should Clear Snow From Sidewalks
Hope vs. Change: Why Some Democrats Are Turning on Obama’s Legacy

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