Links 11/20/18

Links for you. Science:

Bicycles For The Mind: The Slide Rule
World’s largest deep-sea octopus nursery discovered
The Plight of the Right Whale
WHO Endorses Traditional Chinese Medicine. Expect Deaths To Rise
In a blow to wildlife, China lifts a ban on the use of tiger and rhino parts


The Causes of Traffic and Congestion
Why is the New York Times publishing fascist propaganda?
Memo To Israelis: America Is Sitting Shiva. Your Job Is To Listen.
Woman pretends to be persecuted Trump supporter — and scams conservatives out of $150,000
Why Don’t Young People Vote? This System Doesn’t Want Them To. (they did better, but still lag behind everyone else)
Defensive, caravan-fixated and Trump-obsessed, the media blow it again. Just not as badly.
Attacking Antisemitism
From Charleston to Pittsburgh, an Arc of Premeditated American Tragedy
Current And Former Chicago Police Officers Are Spewing Racist Hate On A Facebook Page
Repealing Votes with a Side of Fries: Jack Evans, Clyde’s Restaurant Group, and the Burger Money in D.C. Politics
Democrats Aren’t Moving Left. They’re Returning to Their Roots. (TEH SOCIALISMZ!! AAAIIEEE!!!)
Something’s Happening in Texas: The Republican Party’s future dominance of the Lone Star State, and the nation itself, relies on rigging democracy to its advantage. It won’t work forever. (Democrats need to get serious about voter registration reform)
Protect public trust by auditing elections: It’s easier than you might think
Rick Scott’s slimy claim of fraud
Matthew Whitaker is a crackpot
Good news, the stock market is plunging: thoughts on wealth
Inside Kris Kobach’s losing Kansas campaign: ‘Check logic and reason at the door’ (they’re not bright, just completely uninhibited by conventional mores)
Democrats Who Voted to Deregulate Wall Street Got Wiped Out in a Setback for Bank Lobbyists

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